Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Well the title says it all really. Monday's craving for pasta came and went and yes I loved the indulgence but got right back on track again. In fact after my post I hit our "weights room" and did the chest/tris workout from this week's personal program. I pushed really hard and later in bed I could still feel my muscles twitching after a challenging session!!

On Tuesday my eating went back to being spot on clean and I did legs and abs. Worked hard again and now have serious DOMS throughout upper AND lower body. What a great feeling!! (I know.. what a sicko!!) I got my period on Tuesday so maybe thats why I craved pasta the day before?? Oh and I must mention that on Sunday/Monday and Tuesday we shifted all the furniture out of and then back into our lounge, study and master bedroom. Big deal you might think but some of the pieces were made by my dad and they are mega heavy (even removalists have previously complained about how heavy and awkward some pieces are).

There was one piece in particular (the top section of a dressing table) that weighs a ton and is awkward to pick up. Well we had to lift it to around shoulder height so it was a huge test of shoulder/arm strength. WH didnt think I'd be able to do it but I was determined to prove him wrong and sure enough I managed it (albeit in 2 goes). WH was suitably impressed and I just strutted around doing bodybuilding poses like a (proud) goose :-)

Today I lunched with another friend but stuck to the warm chicken salad (nice dressing but not low fat) and just 1 glass of wine. Ate a bit more than the suggested serve of protein but hey I'm just normal that when there's delicious food in front of me, I eat it. No guilts though as it was teaching night and I always give 100% to my step class and then a good 70% to the aerobics class if I've got it in me. Its a great cardio workout and this week's program only has 2 cardio sessions anyway so my plan to do extra has been shelved.

I also did weights before my classes (back and bis) so all up it was a bit training day. I just have shoulders and 1 more ab session and all weights are done and dusted for this week. I'm on a roll which I'm relishing as next week will really test me (back to full-time work).

So I'm feeling good right now and enjoying my last few days of freedom before I'm chained to an office again. Never mind, at least I'll have a nice steady income to compensate for this new inconvenience in my life. BS seems to be enjoying his new kindy so we hope that continues and this Sunday we're having a welcome back party at our place to catch up with all our old friends again. Life really doesnt get much better :-)))


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