Friday, October 20, 2006


....because of the following:

1. My body fat went down another 1.1% which translated to .6 of a kg
2. My measurements changed very little (up a total of 1/2 cm)
3. And last but most importantly...I feel good. I can tell I've lost some weight (2kgs of body fat actually) and thats whats important.

I've had a BIG social week with 4 days since I last weighed where I ate out and either chose to eat off plan or just ate too much of a good thing. Oh and lets not forget the alcohol :-) But I've kept up my training making sure I did all of the weights sessions on Ness' plan and at least the equivalent of the cardio on the plan. So what more could I want under these circumstances?

I trained shoulders and abs last night after posting. Worked really hard again. I have DOMS in triceps (fading now), glutes and hammies (still stiff and sore) and biceps. I guess I better get used to this in light of my impending comp prep.

Today I had lunch with my best friend and chose warm chook salad again. Typically I ate too much as the place we went to gives a free garlic bread roll with all mains and I was really hungry so I devoured it. Yes there is just a bit too much white junk still in my diet and thats something I have to improve on if I want to wear my Brissie dress at Xmas. My girlfriend also told me that she is having a birthday party for her little boy in the middle of November and I've set myself a mini goal to be under 67kgs by the time of the party. I'll be seeing a lot of people there who I dont see very often and I want to look as good as possible.

I had another little victory today in that BS and I went to GJs after doing our grocery shopping after lunch. Now I wasnt at all hungry but I did fancy something sweet and naughty. So there we were with me staring at the sweets cabinet, looking, looking trying to decide what to have when I realised that there was nothing there that I fancied and I wasnt going to have anything just for the sake of it. I had a small coffee with skim soy and was quite happy.

So I'm chalking up all these wonderful little positive changes in behaviour and feeling quite good about it all. God please let this postive roll continue. WH will be home soon and I plan to enjoy a nice relaxing evening with him with a few wines and dinner (to be decided).

Have a great weekend all.


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