Saturday, October 21, 2006


Yes thats my plight tonight. WH is watching the cricket or soccer or something with balls??!! And here I am reading blogs and posting my own when I'd rather be...... yeah the list is endless. Today I got my hair cut by Natalie who is undoubtedly one of the best hairdressers in the world. We put in a splash of brown highlights and my new do looks superfab. The cut isnt hugely different but the colour makes a fantastic statement. Even WH liked it!! So now that I'm looking so hot the last place I want to be is stuck at home.

I probably should have called this post "If I have too many more weekends like this one, I'll never reach my goal". I'm struggling to stay on track when the weekend rolls around and I know this will really sabotage my weight loss efforts. Yaeh I know all about the "free day" but I seem to be having 2 or 3 of them each weekend which isnt good. After a bit of an indulgent day yesterday I should have gotten right back on the strict track today but I didnt and tomorrow with the welcome back party...well....its not looking too positive. I also found that I didnt work as hard in the circuit classes this morning so didnt get as good a cardio workout either. At least I will tomorrow. I'll just have to be very focussed next week!!

WH and I talked about "5 year goals" over dinner tonight. I had given mine some thought and had listed my fitness goals, travel goals, advancement goals and personal/relationship goals. I was quite pleased with what I came up with. Interestingly WH said one of HIS goals was to see me lead a more balanced life somewhere in between being obsessed with and being totally slack about my weight. Am I THAT bad?? He has known me for 16+ years. He is an intelligent man who's opinion I respect very much. So I ask myself I THAT bad??

Having said that, tonight I purchased Josh Dickinson's Competition Prep manual so that I can read up on what my prep will entail. I'm also hoping it helps me stay focussed over the weekends so I dont sabotage the good work I've been putting in throughout the week. Its also highly likely that I will hire Josh as my trainer for the 2007 comps. I've been very impressed by his work with other clients who've achieved fantastic results.

Well I'm signing off so I can go and .....empty the dishwasher. We have a big busy day tomoorow so I should try and get as organised as possible. Ciao for now


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