Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well its taken ages but I'm finally back into blogging. I've been away since the 7th of September which seems like a lifetime ago. There is just too much to cover since my last blog so I'll skim through the main bits:
1. The move went well.
2. BIG stress around settlements of both properties (not initiated by us I might add!!) but all ok in the end.
3. Moved into our new house all ok and are reasonably settled.
4. Have been catching up with friends, family etc :-)
5. Eating and training a bit all over the place until 1 week ago.

My friend Gordon (recently separated) came with me to the SA INBA body building show on 1 October. We had a ball checking out the competitors and getting a feel for the overall standard. I came away fired up and motivated to be up on stage next year. Man ... have I got a lot of work to do!!

So after some stuffing around I finally got my "10 Week Blitz" underway last Saturday the 7th of October. I started at just under 72kgs (yes I'd been having too much fun socialising and eating and drinking whatever I felt like) with measurements that were nothing to be proud of. I decided to do Ness' 6 week personal program for 1.5 times with the last week being my choice of training. I've got the tracker going and am trying to follow it as closely as possible but allowing for my teaching commitments that equal a great cardio workout.

So here's a snapshot of what I remember of the 1st week:

Saturday 7 Oct: Teach 2 circuits (total 90 mins) and use them to do a cardio workout. Effort = 7/10. Eating = 100%

Sunday 8 Oct: Teach a step class + a combo (aerobics/circuit) and get another great cardio workout (total 105 mins). Effort = 8-8.5/10. Eating = 100%. I also do a weights session before dinner which is a whole body circuit. Effort = 8/10. Going well.

Monday 9 Oct: No exercise as I'm up to date with cardio and have a rest day from weights. Eating = 100%

Tuesday 10 Oct: Weights first thing in the morning with the full body circuit again. Effort = 8/10
Eating = 90% as I have the girls over for (healthy!!) lunch but we have a glass of wine.

Wednesday 11 Oct: First "non-perfect" day. BS and I have lunch with WH (who is going away for the rest of the week). I eat a bit too much (grilled chook breast) and "indulge" in 3 tiny hot chips. I also have wine which I planned to do. I skip my afternoon snack (why eat when you're not hungry) and I'm feeling really good about handling this day so well. I teach my 2 killer classes (step and fat-burner) for a total of 90 mins and get an awesome cardio workout with a 9/10 effort. I have a light dinner after classes and am happy with the day.

Thursday 12 Oct: Eating all back on track and 100%. I decide to do BodyPump as my weights workout tonight. BIG MISTAKE!! I find the instructor dull, boring and uninspiring and struggle to put in a big effort. Effort = about 5-6/10. Not happy with this. Will know better next time.

Friday 13 Oct: Weigh day!! 3kgs lost and 14cms lost from 5 measurements. :-)) I am feeling FANTASTIC. Go out to lunch with BS and make a really bad choice of meal so once again will know better next time. No arvo snack and light dinner. The girls go out for a night on the town. I drink very little and manage to not stay out too late. When I assess this day I'm happy with how it all turned out except that I did a pathetic cardio workout (25 mins) at the gym which I will not bother with in future. The less said the better execpt...I'll know better next time.

Saturday 14 Oct: Free day. Ate what I wanted, had quite a few drinks and caught up with a very dear and long time friend. Life doesnt get any better really. Oh and WH came back from interstate :-) Used the 2 circuit classes to do a cardio workout with effort of about 6/10 today.

Sunday 15 Oct: Back on track with the eating which was about 90% (I have some greek yogurt which is not low fat with my swordfish for dinner...hey if this is the worst that it gets then I'm doing REALLY well!!) I get my cardio workout from my Sunday classes but with a little less effort this week (about 6.5-7/10) and I miss doing weights as we spend ages shifting furniture so we can have some new carpet laid on Tuesday. A pretty good day though.

So there's my summary of my progress so far. I have a very interesting week ahead:
1. BS starts at his new kindy tomorrow.
2. I'm taking my mum out for the day tomorrow.
3. Carpet going down Tuesday.
4. Have some repairs being done Wed morn and then lunch with another friend.
5. BS only in kindy for 1/2 the day on Thursday and then having rellies over in the afternoon.
6. No kindy for BS on Friday and my last day of being a lady of leisure before I go back to work the week after.

I also have a long list of things that I want/need to get done next week (including regular weight training!!) I've got a feeling that the week will just fly right by.

I look forward to blogging again, especially with more of my thoughts and feelings rather than just facts about what I've been doing. Please stay tuned and feel free to leave comments on blogger or by email.

G'night all


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