Monday, October 16, 2006


Today I'm feeling the effects of a few days of not so clean eating. Although yesterday was good, Friday and Saturday weren't and I even strayed off plan today as mum and I went out for the day and I had pasta for lunch in a cafe (read that: big serve, high in fat, super tasty!!). However I handled the rest of the day well with fruit for dinner and herbal tea after. On many occasions previously I would have continued to eat junk for the rest of the day so I'm pleased with my efforts to cut back for the rest of the day.

That said though, I'm feeling very blobby around the middle again and this is a bit depressing. I'm staying right away from the scales and tape measure until I get a few really good days under my belt. Speaking of which...I must do some weights as I'm falling behind on my program. Will try to fit in some decent cardio as well tomorrow (maybe even early morning!!).

Well I'll keep my post short tonight as WH is waiting for me to finish on the computer so he can empty the study as we are having new carpet being laid tomorrow. The house is in total disarray, not to mention the time spent emptying the rooms and then having to put everything back. Ah the challenges we get thrown to make it hard to exercise when you want/need to.

Til tomorrow


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