Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yes a busy day with taking WH to work, kindy drop off, home to clean, clean, clean as my aunty and uncle were visiting in the arvo. Then kindy pick up and hosting afternoon coffee and cakes for the family. I also had to pick WH up later on so before I knew it, it was dinner time and the day was just about over.

I did a pre-weigh this morning to see how I've gone this week but tomorrow is official weigh day. I'm up .3 on last Friday but not overly upset as I've had a few days of not eating on plan so thats to be expected. Despite this increase, I stuck to my healthy, clean eating today and only indulged in BS's sandwich crusts when I was starving at lunch time. The things we do when we're desparate, hey??!! I made sure that all the cakes and biscuits I had for the family were chocolate so I wasnt at all tempted by them. I had my herbal tea and was quite happy.

As far as my training goes I have shoulders and 1 more ab workout to do and I'm all up to date :-)) I think I'll tackle them tonight while I watch RPA. Tomorrow morn I'm teaching a 1 hour fat burner (low-medium intensity class) so there's some extra cardio which isnt on Ness' program. Oh and lets not forget the 2 circuits on Saturday.

Its a nice feeling to sit here knowing that I am in control of my eating and that I'm getting a good balance of exercise thanks to teaching commitments and the convenience of being able to do weights at home. I havent felt this way for a long time. Although I've had days where I havent followed my eating plan properly, I've been very pleased that I didnt just chuck it all in and start binging for days after. Dare I say: "I'm making progress"

Tomorrow I'm lunching with my best friend (and BS) as its my last day of freedom. I also have a very busy day with lots to do so it'll just whizz by. Then I want to enjoy a nice evening with WH to lead into a busy but potentially great weekend. Oh and I'm getting my hair coloured (roots done) and cut on Saturday so I'm searching for a new do to signify the new me. So exciting!!

Well I have menus to plan, shopping lists to write, jobs for the day to list, herbal tea to drink and shoulders and abs to train so I'll say bye-bye til next time.


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