Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yes my alarm went off at 5.30 and I was pounding the pavement by 5.40. It was very windy and cool, not nice at all but I only had 20 minutes so made the most of it. Lungs felt it. The mild burn feels like they're saying..."whoa, not high intensity!!" but they had to comply or else!!

Did a little meditation again last night t o keep the mind positive and strong. Am eating well and tonight I have 3 classes to teach (all aerobic/cardio style) so that'll get a bit more fat burning!! Am getting the water in too so thats good. Tum still feels a little bloated and sore, but heaps better than yesterday.

The next thing I need to get in order is my weight training. I'm planning to do a 3 week rotational program of:
Week 1: Higher rep full body circuit training. This is good for getting the heart rate up and burning fat. I like the faster pace too. No rest between sets, just straight onto the next body part.
Week 2: Heavy weights for 10 reps and 4 sets. 2 muscle groups/session. This guarantees great DOMS, especially as I've neglected doing weights for a couple of weeks again.
Week 3: Medium weights, higher reps etc. Cant remember what else was required as I havent trained this way for some time so will have to revisit my program.

Cardio will be scheduled for early mornings (except Wednesday night and Sunday morning teaching commitments). I've still got to work out how much/when/what is achievable.

Next week I want to tighten up my nutrition so that its geared more towards fat loss and is a bit cleaner. I have some long days at work (where I'm travelling) that will present some challenges but....ooops.....not challenges...just lifestyle that needs to be managed. But I'm feeling so much better that I'm sure I'll do well. And if I slip up, I wont beat myself up over it.

Cheers for now


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