Saturday, November 11, 2006


I had so many positive things to post which I will but I must write about this "need to please".

Here's the story: BBQ at mum and dad's tonight. A few nibbles (nothing too bad). 1 1/2 glasses of red. Going ok. A couple of small pieces of garlic bread. Probably could have done without these. Chook kebabs and chevaps are pretty good meat options. Lots of fresh veges in the salad with just a touch of oil/vinegar dressing:-) Didnt overeat!!

Then mum says "I made a really nice desert". I'm thinking "thats cool, WH will hoe in and I'll just have a little bit". When its time for desert, mum brings out this platter full of home made (hungarian) walnut slice. Well....after my outright favourite of her home made vanilla slice, this is right up there with the best. And to make matters worse, WH has 1 piece and confesses that its not a favourite of his and has no more...WHAT THE???!!!! So hence the title.....and I have 2 pieces (it really is to die for!!) and feel quite stuffed and a bit eeewk afterwards. Yes I'm weak on both accounts. I love this cake and I didnt want to hurt mum's feelings by saying no, although give me credit for refusing to take extra home.

This morning I went walking with a 10kg backpack. I got this idea from a friend who trained for Kokoda and as she was walking long distances with a heavy load, she actually lost quite a bit of weight. So as an alternative to running, this is what I'll do. Plain walking isnt very effective for me but I found my heart rate went up quickly and my legs felt quite sore from the extra weight. Yes the shoulders hurt a bit but better them than to do too much running and have all sorts of other leg/back problems.

I was so pleased with myself this arvo. I was out at the local shops running a quick errand when I found myself thinking of what I could "grab" as a treat. I even stood at the counter at Brumbys staring at all the cakes before I (proverbially) slapped myself and quickly got in my car and went home. Thats a win for me and I'm :-)

Well thats it for today. We have a big day tomorrow. Teaching in the morning and then at my friend's place for her son's 6th birthday party. I think a big meditation before we go will be in order.

G'night all



LizN said...
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Spartze said...

Hey u - congrats on stopping at two, I would've probably eaten more, and then berated myself afterwards, old habits die hard aye. If you want help with loading pics, I can talk you through it either by phone or email or msn :) and thanks for the comments on my bloig - u made my day
Katie xo

Magda said...

Thanks Katie,

sorry I nearly missed your message. I'll pick out some photos that are postable and call on you when I come to loading them. I'm a bit of a computer idiot (as Josh will verify!!) so your help will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Magda