Saturday, April 14, 2007


Yesterday was day 1 of a few very challenging days. I'm really pleased to say that despite some feelings of "oh I should be in party mode", I stuck to my plan and ate about 95% clean. Now considering how much I ate out, thats excellent for me. It wasnt easy at times, especially when the garlic bread got passed around at dinner, the wine was offered, and I had 3 encounters with a platter full of cakes/sweets (my biggest weakness) but I stuck to my resolve.

This weekend is an important turning point for me. I feel that if I dont make it through on track then I'll seriously doubt my ability to be strong enough to make it through to the comp in September. Plus I got my jeans on but I cant do them up yet :-)

Cardio yesterday was a very moderate intensity as I feel my head cold has worsened a little and I cant afford to get sick this weekend. So it was a power walk for me (what a cruise after some of my other sessions).

I have a big day ahead today with a family party for BS's birthday and I'll be drawing on all my strength to get through on track.

Wish me luck


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Lisa said...

good work on the temptations - soon you won't even want to eat them. True.