Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yes there is no rest for these legs any more. This morning I did my 5km run and followed it up with my GLEs (gruelling leg exercises). The whole session took close to an hour which meant I was up earlier than usual but that was to allow the extra time for the longer run. I had to finish the session at home as the rain had started (hooray! we need it!). I was buggered when it was all over but gee I felt good.

I had a fantastic Anzac Day starting with a sleep in til just after 7am (laughable hey? but thats a sleep in for me!). After breakfast I went to the gym to do my back/abs/heavy legs session. My gym was closed so I trained elsewhere and was just overcome with excitement at the wonderful range of equipment they had. (In actual fact they just had most of the standard stuff but my gym has next to nothing and what they have is such crappy quality that I'm constantly frustrated by it all). So instead of doing lat pulldowns I hopped on the assisted chin machine and really went for it. I only made low reps but gee they were hard. I actually have a bit of DOMS in my lats today and I NEVER get it there. Leg training was good too. Then it was onto the X Trianer for cardio. Now that I hate!! BORING!! Give me an outdoor run anyday.

BS and I made Anzac biscuits but none of them passed my lips, no siree!! I invited SIL and her fiancee over to help eat them so all were happy. I had my herbal tea and my rice cake/cottage cheese when it was time for that. Josh has set up an "accountability" area in my training diary. Basically I'll be weighing and measuring quite regularly now with the expectation that the kilos and cms will be dropping off at a steady rate. They really need to if I'm ever going to be lean enough by the end of September. Mentally I'm ready to crank things up as I'm really hungry for a serious drop in body fat.

So today its back at work but I'm feeling good knowing all my weights are done for this week. Cardio is good too even with the lack of classes last night. Eats are well on track. My head is in a good place. I have it all together and I will succeed.

Have a great end of week



Tracey said...

That is funny about the every day is leg day now, sounds exactly what he has got me doing. He did tell me that I would just feel a little discomfort but otherwise all would be good. It does work though & I had noticed it in my bikini bottome just after one week of doing it. Good luck!!

Magda said...

Hi Tracey,

I think we're doing the same thing, or very similar. When the DOMS set in after the first session, I thought I was going to die lol. Lets hope it has the desired effect!!


bev said...

You are so focused now Magda,its scary.No not really.
good on you!