Tuesday, April 10, 2007


When I think back over the last 2-3 months I see a definite pattern of training hard/eating well/being focussed followed by bouts of "party time"/"bugger the training"/"I deserve this break". Yes in simple terms its INCONSISTENCY.

Well I now have another chance to break this cycle. I've clocked up another good day (2 lots of cardio and a big weights session) and the motivation is high. Now I just need to add one more, then one more again and so on and so on. This is my goal for tomorrow: just put in another day of clean eating, good solid weight training and some intense cardio. Simple really :-)

My BS is on holidays already and I have this week off. My I could really get used to this lifestyle! Up at 6.40 (what a luxury from my usual 5.10) and out for a run (sprints today) before WH went to work. Then went and got my nails done and then took my mum and BS for a little shopping expedition and lunch out. I ordered the warm chook salad (actually craved it instead of pasta or something else I shouldnt be having) and ate about the right amount of chicken with salad and scraped off dressing wherever possible so all up it was a pretty clean meal. Oh and I had Diet Coke instead of the usual couple of glasses of wine. Over lunch I told mum of my goal to compete this year. I dont think she has any idea what it involves other than "exercise and watching what I eat". Never mind, its a world she knows nothing about...yet!!

In the afternoon BS had a sleep (he's been a bit off colour lately) and I did my weights session and followed it up with round 2 of cardio on my exercise bike (inspired by Di!!!!) Then BS and I hung out playing and cooking dinner for daddy (while mummy had tuna and salad).

What a fantastic day all up. Oh and the weather is absolutely glorious, 33 today and tomorrow. I'm planning a day at the pool tomorrow. Lovin' this lifestyle :-)

Cheers all


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