Sunday, April 29, 2007


On Saturday 28 April the skinny jeans finally fitted. Albeit a little tight on the thighs but beautiful on the hips and no problems with getting them done up. I was strutting all day :-) I was walking on cloud 9!!

In the last 10 days I've dropped 2.1kgs and about 1.5% body fat (according to my not-always-accurate Tanitas). I'm really noticing the changes now which is very motivating. I guess the slightly stricter diet is paying off as there hasnt been any major change in my training.

Since I started training with Josh in December last year I've lost almost 10kgs. It didnt drop off quickly as sometimes I wish it had but I did have several occassions where I didnt follow my plan so I shouldnt expect miracles.

My strength has increased significantly and aerobically I'm noticeably fitter. Walking rarely gets my heart rate up any more, unless of course the pace is super fast, at which point I might as well run :-). I no longer dread running (unless my legs are mega tired) as I've gotten so much better at it.

So there's my boring brag for today. And on that note I'll toddle off and read the Sunday paper til everybody else wakes up.

Have a great day all



Kie said...

Congrats that is a good feeling

jodie said...

Brag away, that's awesome Magda!

Nicc said...

Well down Magda, you should be proud that your hard work is paying off! Nic

Ali said...

That was awesome to read!! congratulations. Your positive attitude of late is really shining through Magda, and obviously really starting to paying off :)

Keep up the great work and thank you so very much for your support, competing was a blast and you will love it.

have a great week


bev said...

I bet it feels fantastic Magda.All your hard work is paying off.Well done and keep it up.