Monday, April 30, 2007

I AM .....

  • a wife
  • a mother
  • a daughter
  • a close friend
  • a good friend
  • a sister-in-law
  • an aspiring figure competitor
  • a cousin
  • a god-mother
  • a project manager
  • a group fitness instructor
  • a qualified PT
  • a Cancerian
  • a good cook
  • a morning person
  • an extrovert
  • an ex-wife
  • a blogger
  • a summer person
  • a Dancing With the Stars fan
  • a worrier
  • a cat lover
  • ME

So who are you?



bev said...

I think that is gorgeous Magda.What wonderful qualities you have.I have alot of those things too.I added Nanna, owner or 3 businesses,sagitarian,qualified gym instructor,girlfriend (working on the wife bit)
We sound like very busy people.
Gotta love it!

stacytoby said...

Hi Magda,

Great to finally see another SA girl into figure competing! I am preparing for 2008 comps for the first time too, would love to keep in touch! :)