Wednesday, April 04, 2007


To all the mums who have successfully prepared for competition and made it to the stage, I admire and salute you.

Although I am motivated to eat well and train hard and have my heart set on my goal to compete this year, I am facing some personal struggles that are making this journey even more challenging and difficult.

Our children are undoubtedly one of, if not THE most important thing in our lives. We all try to to be the best parents we can be and we hope we influence them in positive ways. If they need extra attention or help with their development then its our responsibility to make sure we give it to them.

This is my struggle and I face it daily. When life is full of work (both full-time and casual), home duties and the demands of comp prep the hours left in a day are few and far between. Many of my training sessions have been shrouded in guilt as I spend the time on myself instead of my BS.



Splice said...

I hear you!
It's a matter of finding a balance and you do find it and it all comes together really well.
It's team work that involves the entire family, you need to have the support from them before going through with a comp prep.
I always ask my hubby and son if they are happy for me to go through it before I make my decision to compete.
Hang in there, you doing so well.

Magda said...

Thanks Deb,

my poor WH had no idea what comp prep would mean when he said he'd support me in doing it. I'm not even officially in prep yet and he's finding it harder than I am LOL!!


bev said...

Hi Magda,I can relate to what you are saying.I have 4 kids,a business to run and work full time and like yourself want to compete this year.I get the guilts quite alot too but I also know I need time for me cos if I dont I will be grumpy and they will only wear it anyway.I believe you are looking after yourself and not being selfish.We all need to have some interest too.(not that I know of your full situation).It isnt easy getting ready for a comp on everyone else I know.So good luck and hope you find strategies to get around all this.Looking forward to keeping in touch