Thursday, April 19, 2007


...but for all the wrong reasons!

I couldnt believe how many things went wrong or bad last night.

  • I didnt finish my leg training as I couldnt adjust the knob on the leg curl machine to re-position the pad that sits on the back of your leg. I was furious that my gym had such sub-standard equipment. I'll stop there before I say things I may regret later.
  • Last night was the most tired and flattest I've felt for some time. My legs were tired and heavy and after the leg curl machine, my head was in a bad place. I'm ashamed to say that I taught my classes with little energy and enthusiasm and that really goes against my usual standard.
  • WH set a world record for coughing in both volume and intensity. Any ideas about getting even an adequate (let alone good) night's sleep went out the window as he was unable to stop coughing just as I went to bed. Then there was an encore performance at 3am just to put the final nail in the proverbial coffin.

I'm smiling as I write all this now but it was a BAD night.

However things looked up this morning after I weighed again. What a difference a day can make if your system is not regular. I'm now closer to 60kgs than 70kgs and this is fantastic.

After I felt so tired last night, I emailed Josh to say that I would not do any cardio today so that I could recover. He suggested maybe just do something different like a power-walk so I set my alarm with the intention of walking 3.7kms. When I set off I actually felt better than expected so I started a slow jog. After the 1km mark I did feel like I just wanted to walk but I set myself little mini-targets like "jog to the shopping centre, then walk". When I got to the shopping centre it was "just go to the end of the shopping centre, then walk". Anyway this went on for about 4 or 5 mini targets and then I actually got into the zone and was enjoying the jog (still not fast though) and just kept going without any mini-targets. I started thinking that I may do 5kms and before I knew it I had, without thinking, jogged past my 3.7km turn off. As I came to the end of the 5kms I even considered going further but time had run out and I had to stop. I had jogged for 38 minutes at a moderate pace and it had felt really good. Legs are tired today though.

Well I'm in a good place right now. Eating well, training hard and counting down my 22 weeks. Sounds like ages but I know its not, for what I have to achieve to feel ok about getting on stage.

To all the ladies competing this or the next weekend I want to send my best wishes that you have great comps. I've followed your journeys with interest and each and every one of you is an inspiration and you're all winners in my eyes.


Cheers from Magda

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bev said...

Hi Magda,
Sorry to hear about your bad night.It will only make things look better tomorrow.As for any ideas for coughing fits,dont know if I can help there.Some form of cough medicine or move to another room!ha ha.
Istn great when you go for a run and it turns out to go better than expected.It makes you realise how much everything is a mind game.You obviously had it in you.Well done.Keep it up.