Saturday, April 21, 2007


So whats good?

Last night's dinner out. Yummo. I had some delicious sardines for entree and goat shanks for mains (I like to have stuff I wouldnt normally have at home when I go out somewhere special). I didnt fancy desert but had some petitfours which were just the right amount of "treat". We had a wonderful night.

Leg training today. Josh has bumped the reps up as Saturday is my "volume day". I so did not want to lunge 3 sets of 20 reps with 15kg dumbells today but then I so want my legs to look good in September so I just did it. It hurt but I was happy when the last rep was completed.

So whats bad?

Not eating on plan today. We were invited to a friend's place for a lunchitme BBQ with an 11.30 start :-( I trained bis and legs, did my cardio, had my shake and fruit and got ready to go out. Well we werent fed until 2.15!! I had no option but to have the "nibbles" as I was famished around 1pm and needed food. Needless to say that after the nibbles my motivation was down and I had some BBQ stuff I wouldnt normally have so eats today havent been on track.

Today I had no strength in my biceps. Dont know what happened or where it went, but it just wasnt there. My reps were way down and the increase Josh wanted me to make - well I managed 4 reps lol. How pathetic is that.

So whats beautiful?

My friend Ronnie. I caught up with her this evening and told her for the first time about my ambition to compete and what I'm doing to get there. She was just wonderful with so much encouragement and respect and admiration for me. It was quite humbling. I havent had such a positive reaction from some others so it was a very nice situation to be in.

To finish tonight I'll just say that even though I got off track with my food today, I havent continued to binge or eat badly since then. It would have been soooo easy to do but I dont want to fall back into that depressing and negative place again. So on that note I'm signing off, having my diet yogurt (I'm quite hungry) and hitting the sack.

G'night all



Anonymous said...

You're not alone Magda. As soon as you "fall of the wagon" so to speak you simply get back on up there and continue on your journey. It's not the end of the world, just a little pot hole you come across. You're doing a truly great job so keep up the good work. :o) xo

Magda said...

Thanks Lia,

yes I keep hitting pot-holes but I'll be damned if I'll fall into them and quit!! No way.

Good luck with you your operation road to recovery. I'm stealing some pointers from you on that one as I know I have room to improve.