Friday, April 20, 2007


I have a pair of size 10 black pants from Events, a very generous size 10 - you know the sort that makes you feel good because they are a size 10 but deep down you know the sizing isnt quite standard on them. Well they have reached the "hanging beyond acceptable" stage. I have folded them up and put them away not to be worn until .... ?? Who knows? I'm not yet confident that I'll never need them again. I'd like to be but my track record suggests otherwise.

Whether I do or dont need them again is not concerning me now. I'm feeling really good right now. My weight loss is noticable and its giving me extra motivation. Tonight WH and I are going out to celebrate his new job. We have chosen a new up-market Italian restaurant with drinks first at one of our favourite pubs. I'm really looking forward to it all. Josh has said "Enjoy the night. There's no point in looking like a hottie if you're not enjoying it". So I will but I know I wont go overboard. Also, when I know I'm going to have a "night off", I usually start to over-eat or choose some bad foods earlier that day too. I mean why not really blow it. But not today. Its all under control and thats making me even happier.

I realised this morning that I havent treated myself as a reward for staying alcohol free and mostly on track food wise last weekend. So I'm going to take myself over to GJs and have a large very vanilla chiller and a piece of German apple cheesecake ..... LOL!!! ....joke joke!!! No I'm hoping to get a bit of time today to pop out and buy a nice evening top for tonight.

We were invited to my parents' house for dinner last night as it was my MIL's last day with us before flying back to Brissie. I asked mum to bake my chicken breast in the oven and to make some steamed veges. The rest of the family was having chicken schnitzels (which my mum makes superbly!!). As it turned out, I worked a bit late so they had eaten by the time I got there and I could just devour my meal without pining for theirs. I thought that was a really good strategy for staying on track. Oh and the double bonus was that I could save 1/2 the chicken for lunch today and also have the left over veges. Perfect!!

I skipped my cardio today so I could sleep and hopefully not be dead tired today.. It was only going to be a powerwalk as my legs are sore and tired and I have another leg session tomorrow. So no training today but I know I have a big session tomorrow morning.

Well I better wrap it up there as work beckons. Have a great weekend all, especially all the ladies competing. I'll be hanging out for all your pics and results.



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