Friday, April 06, 2007


Well by the time BS was settled and asleep, I didnt have such an early night after all. I woke during the night a couple of times and my throat was raging. This morning it was still dry and sore but no worse than last night.

So today is a big rest day and I'm trying hard to not get down and depressed over this. No cardio :-( no weights :-( and trying really really hard to not go too far off track with my food. Thank Lisa, Shar and Hilary for your comments and advice on dealing with this minor set-back.

We have a family dinner at my parents' place tonight and I know that crumbed fish and prawns will be on the menu. I'm planning to keep my portions well under control and I hope mum has made a nice salad as she usually does. As of tomorrow I have 24 weeks to my comp. Aaaahh so close and yet so far.

Enjoy Easter everyone!


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