Thursday, October 04, 2007



Lesson 1: Not everybody who says they're supporting you, does so.

People are funny. I'm sure that everyone feels "obliged" to indicate their support so they come across as nice people but the reality is that this is such a wierd and full-on (yet wonderful) sport that very few people understand it. So they dont cope with it very well. There were many times that I sensed that those close to me felt very uncomfortable with what I was doing. Yes I wasnt partying along with heaps of alcohol or snacky type foods, even though I was still enjoying myself with a Diet Coke and the food I had prepared. I'm sure this didnt sit well with some. Then there were the little jabs and comments about what I was and wasnt eating...never said with malice but more a sense of just having a dig.

Having said all that though, many of my friends were very supportive and encouraging and that was really nice. I guess it boils down to how you feel about yourself. If your own self esteem is not very high then seeing someone else achieve great things can be hard to handle so natural response is to "attack". But if you're happy in yourself then its easier to celebrate others' successes too.

Lesson 2: You cant have too many lists when you're so busy.

I'm a list girl. Always have been. Always will be. How else can one remember the squillion (do you like that word? Its the world's biggest number) things that need to be done. I make lists all the time or I swear that very little would get done through sheer forgetfulness...and we all know how rife that is as we go through a comp prep. I've had so many blonde moments lately that I'm bordering on albino LOL. Carbs were meant to be eaten so that our brains function correctly.

Lesson 3: Dont underestimate the magnitude of the final week of prep.

You are almost there and the smell of dream tan is starting to waft. Diet gets stricter. Training a little lighter, but still tough. New requirements have to be implemented so the routine changes slightly. You feel pressure to push out as much decent cardio as you can but energy levels are low. Posing and routine practice cannot be put off any longer. You must make the time for these.
There is running around and organising still to do. 24 hours in a day just arent enough.

Stop fretting. Take stock of the big picture. Where have you come from and how did you get here? What does comp day mean to you and what will you make of it?

To be continued...

Good night all


2 sleeps to go :-)


Claudine said...

Thank you so much for this post. Without know it, you responded to my fears... My comp is in 6 weeks. My first one :)


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, yes can identify with much of what you post too. I'm lucky that my husband, friends and sister are all supportive of what I do, but my parents just don't understand. I too am a list maker, couldn't manage otherwise. I find the last week is the hardest but also the best as you can see it all coming together. Have a great day tomorrow if I don't 'speak' to you beforehand. You'll rock!

Tara's Journey said...

Hi Magda, just wanted to wish u all the luck in the world for tomorrow. Well perhaps not all the luck cos I need to save some for myself and the other girls ;) Have a blast!!!

Tara :o)

stacytoby said...

Wow Magda, it happens tomorrow, you must be psyched!!!!!!!!!