Friday, October 12, 2007


I'm sitting at my computer eating lean protein + veges for breakfast. I dont even flinch at it any more. Its 2 days to the championships and as a figure competitor we do what we have to do. This morning's training was gruelling to say the least. With very little fuel in the tank I did ok with my weights circuit but the sprints were just murder. Never mind they're done and dusted now.

I have a busy day today with lots of things to take care of before we fly out tomorrow morning. I have a list so I feel in control. How else do I feel? Really good. I have a strategy for Sunday and I feel good about it. A lot of things are going through my mind and I will share these...but not now.

At the championships I'm competing in both Figure Novice and Figure Masters. The novice category will be divided into heights which is great. I'm quite tall anyway (171cms) so add the 6 inch heels and I'm a bit Amazonian and I like that.

Once again I say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me along the way
by reading my blog and being interested in my journey,
by leaving comments of support and encouragement when I felt like I was failing,
by giving me some really good advice when I didnt understand things and needed to be "set right"and
by extending your friendships, albeit through cyberspace (and some on a personal level).

I will try to give a quick update next week but I'll be heading straight off on holidays so if it doesnt happen that week I'll definitely do it when I'm back the week after.

Cheers all and wish me luck on the big day: Sunday 14th October.

Magda :-)


Anonymous said...


Magda I hope you have an awesome time on stage again, enjoy, savour and kick butt!!

Wishing you also a well deserved holiday with your family. Take care of yourself.

Combat Girl xx

Kristy said...

Good luck Magda, although you won't need it. You will do great and what a wonderful way to finish with a holiday. Enjoy the well deserved break.


Charlotte Orr said...

Have a great time at your show Magda. You've worked so hard for it. Have a lovely time in Noosa and enjoy being away from the computer for a while. Cheers, Charlotte

Ali said...

Have a wonderful time at your comp Magda, and enjoy your time in Noosa,


Anonymous said...

Am I going to have to send out a search party for you? You know we're all anxiously waiting to hear from you. :o)

bev said...

How did you go??Cant wait to hear.
Enjoy your well deserved rest.
Take care

Splice said...

Mags is on holiday and will update when she gets back :-)