Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My BS dressed up in his Pirates of the Carribean outfit after a day at the Royal Show.

Today my BS was diagnosed with a condition that will affect him for the rest of his life. He is not seriously ill, in fact he's not "ill" at all but this condition will throw some considerable challenges our way. The diagnosis did not surprise me as there have been things which have caused me to wonder "could he have/be etc?" and now I know.

So how do I feel? Well when speaking with his specialist today I felt ok but now as I research it on the net and learn more about what it is and what it can mean long term I'm starting to feel a little frightened about what the future might bring.

You may notice that I'm using lots of "maybe" terms as there are no guarantees that he will suffer the negative aspects of this condition but as a parent I guess its normal to have concerns. Now, more than ever I believe its important to look at this as the glass half full. There are SO many things that I can give thanks for and I will make it a daily goal to do just that.

I guess one thing its made me realise is just how trivial and insignificant some of my own issues are and its time I was a little less self-absorbed. Right now I need to be more patient, more supportive and more guiding to help him reach his full potential so that he lives a rich, balanced and happy life.



Kie said...

Hi Magda,
Theres nothing worse than being told that there is something "wrong" with your child. I know it may be hard but keep looking at that glass half full ok.
It certainly does put everything back in to perpective doesnt it.
Kie xx

Splice said...

I agree with Kie.
We live for our children and I know I would do anything for my son as you and your hubby would do for your gorgeous little boy.
Do as much research on it as possible so you can understand what your dealing with now and in the future.
My thoughts are with you all.

Magda said...

Thanks guys,

your kind words mean a lot