Friday, October 19, 2007


Hi all,

today we are back in Brissie with the ILs after a superb stay in Noosa. I have managed to nab a bit of computer time before dinner but it will be brief.

So how did I go at the Asia Pacific Championships? 4th place Figure Novice Tall (6 in the line-up) and 4th place Figure Masters Tall (4 in the line-up). How do I feel about that? Pretty damn good. I must admit that I would have given my right arm for a 3rd placing but the standard was awesomely high (especially in the Novice category where some of the girls were also competing in the Open category) and after seeing some very poor quality pics of the show I concede that I did have one body part that really let me down. But hey I still chalked up an amazing achievement to even get there in my first year so I'm still feeling like an absolute winner.

I will keep this very brief but look out for when I get home and give you the full blow by (boring) blow account of the event. Now I just need some pics to show off as well as sadly I dont have many that are of good quality.

Cheers all and stay posted for my write up some time after Sunday.




stacytoby said...

Hi magda,

Cant wait to hear ALL about it!


Hilary said...

Congrats on the 4th place!!! Cant wait to read all about your experience!

Hope you had a wonderful time at Noosa, the weather has been kind at least! Its a beautiful spot, hope you got to relax and enjoy.

Hilary xx

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, well done! Enjoy the rest of your holiday! Cheers, Charlotte

Anonymous said...

Wow thats fabulous! Well done! More pics??? I hope so, Cheers for now hon, L- Shelly xo

bev said...

Hi Magda

Congratulations on all your achievements you have done well.Enjoy your break.
Are you going to compete next year?