Friday, June 27, 2008


Psychologically my week ends on a Friday and my new week starts on a Saturday. So Monday is actually the 3rd day of the week, not the dreaded first. Does it help with Mondayitis?? Well if you employ the typical mindset of wanting to start a week well (you know ... start the diet on Monday, head off to the gym on Monday) then you'll do this on Saturday, follow it up on Sunday and by Monday ... hey you're feeling great. Hence no Mondayitis. Is that logic sound?? It works for me (especially if I've had a bit of an indulge on Friday - like my boss's birthday cake, home-made pizza for dinner and a couple of wines) so I'm sticking with it.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the weekend. Not a lot planned and WH is still crook with the winter lurgy so best if we take it easy. In fact, I've been warned that tomorrow night we are discussing goals. Apparently we dont have enough/the right/meaningful/various terms goals and its frustrating his little Virgo self to bits. I guess my personal competition goals are NOT what he means but hey ... I'm throwing them in there. Bring on the discussion.

Are you doing anything interesting on the weekend?




Combat Girl said...


my hubby is virgo also and i know all about those conversations!!

I am doing the Body Pump /instructor course this weekend and i can't sleep!!!! grrrr!!!

enjoy your weekend.


Ali said...

Good luck with the goal discussion, and I reckon your mondayitis theories are great,

Have a great weekend,

Ali xxx

Kristy said...

I agree Magda, I have decided Saturday is going to be the start of my week as well and it is easier being home and all...

This morning's run was the highlight of this weekend I think or maybe my 1hr 20min run tomorrow should be good as well

Have a great weekend Magda

Spartze said...

Hey that makes a lot of sense..thanks Magda....hope you had a great weekend

Magda said...

CG, glad to read that BodyPump training went well for you. Good work on the fitness test too.

Thanks Ali. I like my Mondayitis theory :-)

Yep Kristy, making Saturday the start of the week is much better (umless you have a major social/eating/drinking do planned and then it doesnt work so well.

Thanks Spartze. It was an interesting weekend. Thats for sure.