Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Its 8.30 and I'm soon to head off to bed. I've had a headache all day which has been depressing. Now I'm feeling really cold even though we have the heating on and I have a spencer (yeah NOT sexy I know!!), a wincheater and a big woolly cardy on. I ache all over my back (not from training) and my eyes are burning. Please oh please let me shake this as I dont want to go from one illness headfirst into another. But I'm feeling like crap there's no doubt about that.

Good night guys and fingers crossed all is back to good tomorrow.

:-( Magda


Combat Girl said...

hope you feel better tomorrow.



Hilary said...

Hope you had a good nights sleep and are feeling much better now!

Hilary xx

Kristy said...

Hope your feeling better soon Magda.

Michelle said...

I hope you are feeling better

Hilds said...

Magda rest up and you'll be feeling great again before you know it!

Spider63 said...

REst is the key to most flus and that is what it sounds like, good luck!