Friday, January 25, 2008


So Friday has rolled around in this far from perfect week. I've been pretty low and I've been ok. I havent seen a real high this week but some times will just be like that. I'm ok with it now.

I end the week realising that there will be tough times and they need to be dealt with. Turning to food (especially junky crappy food) isnt going to solve the problems or lift the spirits or ease the pressure or relieve the stress. It will taste nice for a few minutes and that was my downfall. Looking for that "feel good for 5 minutes" buzz over and over. Tomorrow starts another week for me and it will be a better one I just know.

Being on holidays was great but it presented so many challenges at what was already a volatile time for me. Thats not to say that I'm looking forward to going back to work though!! LOL.

Tonight we are celebrating "Burns Night" with my SIL + BIL (who is Scottish and has only lived in Australia for a few years). So whats "Burns Night" you might ask? I dont know all of the background but I do know that dinner will be haggis, nips and creamed tatties (turnips and potatoes I'm told). Followed by shortbread and scotch whiskey. Could it get any dirtier?? LOL!! Its also BIL's 40th birthday this weekend so it forms a double celebration. Does it also mean double the weight gain?? .... thinking out loud....
WH and I have decided to partake and write tonight off. After the week I've had a night like this isnt going to make a huge dent in my progress (I've already taken care of that!!).

Let me just say that I'll be training with a vengeance tomorrow morning :-)

Have a great weekend all




little rene said...

What a scary sounding menu!

I think I would be to terrified to even TRY half of that food! LOL!

Hope you have a lovely and relaxing time with your family Magda :)

Anonymous said...

Burns night is lots of fun. I refuse to eat the hagis but scotch whiskey i can handle lol.

Have an awesome long weekend


Kek said...

Aww, you have to try haggis at least once - and especially if it's Burns Night. Which, by the way, would be a celebration of the life of Robbie Burns:

Anyway, if you've survived a traditional figure competitor's diet, I'm sure a little haggis won't bother you.


Lisa said...

Hey Magda,

I have been out of town this week and just catching up are having a rough time I see.

I am fortunate in that I have found my harmony with my body and food, and I will send you heaps of positive vibes so you can find your peace as well.

You will be OK.


Michelle said...

Enjoy your Burns Night - sounds like a lot of fun