Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I’m realising that to succeed in losing body fat without resorting to the strict diet (low cals and low carbs) one has to consciously change one’s thinking. Here is an example of the conversations between “Desperate to Lose Weight Magda” arguing with “Determined to Dump Bad Old Habits Magda” yesterday:

This just isn’t working. I’m making no progress. I might as well have a yummy cake to console myself
You know its going to take time. You expect things to happen too quickly. You’re eating well and feeling very satisfied so how can you expect the weight to drop off like it does when you’re virtually starving yourself? Plus you know the cake isn’t the cure for how you’re feeling

God I’d give anything to drop this weight around my middle and QUICKLY. I’ll just cut my carbs right back and my calories down and all will be sweet. I can do it. I’ve done it before and I know it works
You idiot! You know what happens when you do that, don’t you. BINGE CITY hello I’m back!! Trust Liz and stop thinking that the short term fix is going to work. Your track record has proven that it DOESNT”.

And variations of this went on all day. But over-riding all this, I actually sat with the bad feelings acknowledging that yes I was having a down day and not feeling so good BUT turning to junk food would not change that (past the 5 minutes of oral satisfaction anyway) so what was the point?

Of course Liz came to my rescue in the form of an excellent email which brought back to memory (another) HEEEEUGE achievement I made last year. (Sorry if this is a bit yucky to read about).

For as long as I can remember I’ve carried cellulite on the backs and sides of my thighs and on my bum. Even when I (sometimes) lost weight, the cellulite never budged. I hated it and was really self conscious about it (as you can imagine). Well last year the intense weight training and pretty gruelling cardio melted it away (from my legs) and I would regularly admire my new smooth look legs in the mirror. (I still have a bit on my bum but hey I’m a work in progress). Even now with my legs not as lean as before it hasn’t come back and this makes me REALLY HAPPY.

So here I am today and I’m feeling fantastic again. I’m back to my happy, bouncing around smiling old self and not letting little crap like the skirt incident ruin a day for me. Yes I’ve chosen to wear something I really like and feel good in and it makes the world of difference. I weighed this morning and the drop on the scales was negligible and I DIDN’T CARE. I’ve measured my waist (and everywhere else) so I’ll know when the cms go but again my happiness will NOT ride on that.

Finally I’ve taken 2 giant leaps forward and not because I lost however many kilos. Before I sign off I’d like to say that if you don’t read Liz’s blog, YOU SHOULD. Check the link on my side bar and get ready to hear some really good advice.

Cheers all


PS Thanks for all the comments of support and encouragement once again. Its nice to know that when we stumble there is always someone out there who helps us back up again :-)


Kek said...

Gah! What is WRONG with our brains? Why do we do this to ourselves? I think I'm (almost) cured, but boy, have I been through what you describe a million, billion, trillion times in the past.

Have faith Magda - the weight WILL start to come off, your body just has to get comfortable with the changes to your nutrition after all the strict dieting.

I'm having the same issues with some of my clothes that I think SHOULD fit and don't. Reality strikes when you have 3 pairs of Billabong shorts, all the same size, and only one pair goes over your bum. It's obviously not me...

Raechelle said...

I'm really glad you wrote this...the part about losing the cellulite-that really encourages me because that is my biggest fear-not being able to really get rid of it for the comp-(plus getting my bis and shoulders bigger)...I've been wanting to read from someones real life experience -(not an add in the magazine) about really getting rid of cellulite-THANK YOU! Now I know that once I actually start the 12 week prep it will come off.
I didn't have really noticeable cellulite until this year-from a rough 6 months.
Anyway-you've given me confidence!
I'm glad you talked to LIZ too-knew that would help! We're all really a work in progress LOL!

Michelle said...

I have to say that getting rid of the cellulite is my biggest worry with the comp prep.

Thanks for writing about it!