Thursday, January 10, 2008


I’m enjoying the luxury of my time being all my own – apart from when I’m at work. So this morning I DIDN’T set my alarm for 5am and just planned to train when I woke up. Alas it was 5.15 so not much of a sleep in for me unfortunately.

After my extra hour of cardio last night I was a bit tired this morning and so this is the conversation I was having with myself during my cardio session:

“You did a lot of extra cardio last night. You don’t really need to run this morning. It’d be quite ok to skip the run and just do your lower body workout”.
“Come on. Don’t be lazy. One minute you’re complaining about the weight not coming off and then you’re thinking up excuses for not training. Just get on with it.”

“I’m tired and this is hard work. Perhaps I’ll cut my run intervals down shorter, maybe take an extra break. No-one will know.”
“You’ve turned into wuss. You’ve trained much harder than this before so you know you’ve got it in you. Now suck it up Princess and keep going.”

So I did. I finished on a good note with sweat pouring off me and then hit my exercise room for my lower body workout. I tell you there is no better feeling than finishing a training session that you didn’t want to start. (I don’t expect many arguments on this one!!).

This afternoon I’m meeting one of my good friends for coffee which will undoubtedly turn into dinner and maybe even a movie. We have no definite plans other than knowing that we’ll talk for hours as we haven’t seen each other since I competed in October last year.

Before I sign off I can say there was a drop on the scales this morning which was nice but by no means the reason for my good mood. Who knows, tomorrow it may be up again as we all know how those numbers can go up and down for no logical reason. The very fact that I’ve chosen to write about this last of all indicates where it is on my scale of importance. :-)

Cheers all


Raechelle said...

wohoo Magda! Go Girl! Keep on truckin'!

Splice said...

Hi Mags,
If there is one thing that keeps me sane it's training and cardio, no matter how good or bad things are in life I realize how much i need exercise almost every single day.
It makes me feel great just as it does for you too. Consistency is the key.
Great work.

stacytoby said...

i was just thinking about a number that determines us as well apart from our weight - our IQ. But you don't see us comparing and stressing so much over that number, why is that???!!!!

Numbers..... who needs them? I'm with you on concentrating on feeling great about the positive changes we're making :)