Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My last post had me going great guns with delicious clean food and just the right attitude for success. I was in the zone and loving it. So what happened?

Saturday night we saw I Am Legend (loved it!!) and went out for a Malaysian dinner. We shared a prawn stir fry (very clean and healthy) and a serve of salt and pepper squid (not so clean and healthy). Little slip number 1.

Sunday morning we all went out to breakfast and without meaning to I had the fattiest thing possible on the menu. "Ah the damage is done" I'm thinking so I help to finish my BS's pancakes with maple syrup. Moderate slip number 2.

Mid afternoon rolls around and I have no desire now for anything clean and healthy so lunch follows this negative pattern. I go out to dinner with a friend and by this stage I'm totally in the "I'll eat whatever I want" zone. Major slips 3 and 4.

So on Monday most people would go "Ok back into the clean food again. The party's over" but I'm anxious and nervous about some recent developments. I'm under pressure and my taste buds have renewed their love affair with excess fat and carbs. Yep you guessed it. Double major slip 5 just plonked itself smack bang into my day and the less said about that the better.

I cant even brag that I've pulled it al back together today but I have had a very positive and helpful email from Liz and tomorrow will be a better day. Yes I have habits that have been with me a very long time and they wont disappear overnight so I must focus on the positives and pick myself up quickly if / when this happens again.

I will embrace tomorrow with a plan, a positive attitude and a determination to beat this bad habit once and for all.

Cheers all



Raechelle said...

You've proven to yourself that you can eat clean and enjoy it-so I'm sure getting back in the saddle will come easier this time than before...Hope so anyway!!!
Good luck! We're with ya'!

little rene said...
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little rene said...

Good on you Magda for acknowledging the slip ups and deciding to take some action to move on.

A few fatty meals aren't going to stop you from achieving your goals, you are far too determined for that!

Good luck with the next few meals :)

Cat said...

Dont be too hard on yourself after a few slip ups, we have all been there.

Hope it is all a bit easier for you today

Kimmy said...

You are the person that has been inspiring me. Just remember nobody is perfect and there are always going to be sidetracks that we have to take. The only decision that you have to make now is to turn around and get on the right road until that little side track comes along again - and know that it will happen again but you will deal with it at that time. Thanks for inspiring me - keep following your dreams and keep smiling and don't let it beat you.
Live with Passion

Pip said...

That sounds oh so familiar to me Magda! Anxious, annoyed with Mondayitus on top of that means it's a challenge to take charge!

No other way than being strong though unfortunately that I know!

Thumbs up, get can get back on track like that! I've improved there too! In the past I would have let that behaviour carry on 3 4 months and gain 20kg till refinding focus! Think I'm now improving!

You are doing great getting back on track rather promptly after slips!