Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Raechelle's comment has prompted me write a bit more on my "cellulite experience". Feel free to tune out if this isnt your cup of tea.

Yep I had it and I had it bad. Even standing up straight I would be lumpy all over the backs and sides of my thighs and even worse on my bum. Being an aerobics instructor made me really self conscious about it. Only once did I wear shorts that covered my thighs but then rode up during the class to reveal my ugly legs. I almsot died of shame and embarassment and vowed to NEVER bear my legs above the knees again.

When I decided to compete I worried quite a bit about whether I would ever get rid of it. If I didnt then I'd just resign myself to the fact that despite all my efforts I just wasnt up to scratch and maybe it would me longer to get there. Luckily this wasnt the case.

I truly believe that my celluilte went as a result of 10 months of good hard training and eating clean MOST of the time. I wasnt a saint. In fact far from it. I fell off the wagon MANY times but I always picked myself up and got back on. Quitting was NOT an option. Imagine my delight when I checked out my legs probably a couple of months out from the show and saw that they were smooth. Even though I didnt have the best legs at either of the shows I did (needed better glutes and hammies + still carried a bit of upper thigh flab), at least I had successfully shifted the cellulite.

My advice to anyone thinking of or planning to compete (and who worries about this) is to start thinking of yourself being in comp prep from now. Clean up your diet (just dont be too strict this far out) and train as hard as you can. Aim to never miss a session if at all possible. Give your body time to rid itself of that potentially hard to shift fat. And then reap the benefits of all your hard work.

I might be a bit podgier around the middle than I have been before (I'm also over 40 so I think that's playing a part in it) but my legs have NEVER looked this good so I take comfort in that.

Good luck ... no thats CRAP ... Train hard. Eat clean. It'll happen and its not dependent on luck.



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Raechelle said...

Thanks again! At least I can now be confident that it will come off-(even in the last 2 months I've noticed a difference by working out harder again-and eating cleaner again-but was just unsure if it would continue!)
Very good to know!