Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have felt it all today...been up, been down, been round and round and getting nowhere.
I've smiled and I've cried.
I've hugged and kissed and I've yelled.
I've searched and found answers and laughter.
I've looked within but havent found what I was looking for. I'm sure its there and I'll find it soon.
I've checked on my loved ones and worries I had previously have been put to rest. But then new worries have come to take their place ... we cant have a "worry void" can we?? LOL

My day has been good and bad but I'm not allowing the bad to take hold.
I'm reminding myself that I'm not a bad person, just a person with some bad habits and learning new ways to deal with challenges will take some time.

I approached blogger feeling down and out and I'm signing off feeling ok. Thats thanks to the supportive and encouraging comments that were left on my last post. Thanks Raechelle, Cat, Rene and Kimmy. Your words really meant a lot to me and have helped to lift me up.

And finally thanks to Liz too. A lady who really understands the struggles we can go through and is there with honest and bl**dy good advice.

Good night all



Combat Girl said...

Hi Magda,

You are strong and you will get through this cycle.

Combat Girl

Antigone said...

We have to just role with the punches, when we're down we just have to pull ourselves up dust ourselves off and keep on trucking!
Believe in yourself hun :)
I hope today is going great guns hun :)

Anonymous said...

Well done on focusing on the good things. Ive been there and had one of those days where one minute everything is fine the next im crying my eyes out. I can never explain it, but all i know is that the feelings are completely genuine. Never let anyone tell you that you shouldnt feel what you do, its true we all have hard days. But you're a fighter and you will get through this and come out the other side an even stronger individual.

You inspire me to be a better, healthier, stronger version of myself, dont be too hard on yourself.


Kristy said...

Magda, I love this post and can fully relate to everything you going to.

With Liz's fab help you will kick those habits...


little rene said...

Some days are really tough aren't they?

They make you appreciate the good ones though :)


Ali said...

Hope today is a better day for you, hang in there, we all have sh*t days and you are doing so marvellously well overall and i just love the recipes you've been posting!! I made the pesto, YUMMO!!! thank you for posting it,


Ali xxx

Kimmy said...

Hey - how can you not smile when you have loving supportive friends that leave you beautiful encouring, caring comments. Arn't they (including you) just an awesome bunch of people. We are so lucky to have them all as our friends. I think there must be something blowing in the wind with a few of us down and out at the moment. Well the wind has blown and we will all wake up in the morning, smiling, cherpy and full of energy and enthusiasm for a wonder outstanding life tommorrow. Sending postivie vibes to you, Cat and everyone else having an off day.
Be good and Live with Passion

RaeC said...

Trying to change a lifetime of bad habits is not going to happen in a short time. You've got to stop beating up on yourself over it. If you feel negatively about slipping up all it does is put you into the self-hate frame of mind which is a danger zone when it comes to comforting ourselves with food. So you slipped up... you are so much more than what you put into your mouth. When you realise how special you are the last thing you are going to want to do is abuse yourself with crap food. It's a journey of self-discovery, which implies a lengthy journey, not a quick sprint around the corner. Just don't EVER give up xxx