Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Most of you know that I do just about all of my training at home. For cardio I often run/jog or do sprints. I have an exercise bike and a rower for bad weather days or days when family stuff means I cant hit the road. I have enough equipment to enable me to train everything (except back) at home and thats what I did last year and will continue to do this year.

For me, visits to the gym (other than my one mandatory visit / week) are a real treat. Well I was due for a treat today. BS is on the Sunny Coast with the ILs and WH has just flown up to spend a few days there before he brings BS home. I'm a bacheloress and I love it. My first priority was to sort out when I'd go to the gym and what I would do there.

So today's plan was to do an RPM class at a branch of my gym that is close to the airport and the time of it was just right. Last night I organised my gym gear and made sure I had something that was respectable enough to be worn in public (I dont bother too much about how I look when I train at home). I organised my bits and pieces (hair elastic, socks - often forgotten, towel etc). In the morning a few extra bits get added (spare T shirt) and I'm set.

Well at least I thought so. Its basically downhill from there. I leave work in a hurry and forget to take my drink bottle - ok I buy water and I'm set (I think).

Not so. I have forgotten my HRM - I can do without it. Its not essentail for the workout so I'm set.

Not so. I've forgotten my IPod and I'm early so having my music while I play around before the class would be nice. Ok I can do without it so I'm still set.

Not so. I'VE FORGOTTEN MY BLOODY SHOES!!!! :-( :-( :-(

OK build a bridge and get over it!! Its decision time as to what I'm going to do. Here are my options. My gym has 2 branches that are in my neck of the woods so to speak. I have the choice of BodyPump or BodyPump at the time I want to go. Plus to make it on time (I'm on the other side of the city) I'm going to have to really move it.

Now being a BodyPump Instructor I know that the high volume of reps for each muscle group is enough to bring on a debilitating case of DOMS that would make grown men cry. I'm also on a specific program with Liz so I suspect its not a good training option.

Do I do a bit of a weights workout of my own accord? For the same reasons as above I decide against this.

What's left?

Aaah my beloved cardio :-) Normally I find gym cardio really boring so I set myself the challenge of using every type of cardio machine for 10 minutes. I duck home and equip myself properly and hit the machines with a vengance. Tready running at 8.5kms on a small incline (woohoo my HR is up); stepper (lets tone that butt); X Trainer (feet are getting numb by now); rower (I'm feeling like an Olympic athlete); upright bike (reading Oxygen mag) and recumbent bike (the lazy man's exercise). Thats just over an hour all up and I'm done. Bye bye 445 calories.

And thats my definition of a perfect afternoon alone LOL!!

Cheers all


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Antigone said...

sounds like a boredom buster of a workout :)
Have a great day hun :)