Saturday, January 05, 2008


This morning I headed out to do my "Footy Field Workout" except before I even got to the footy field part of it I had to do a heap of jogging/running + a little sprint. So I arrive all buggered and then have this GRUELLING workout involving lots of jogging and sprinting (dream on!! I just didnt have it in me!!) and conditioning work. The whole session took well over an hour with warm up and cooldown included and it was as hot as and the flies were wretched. I even swallowed 2 on the sprint legs (I guess a little extra protein wont hurt LOL). But the best bit (yes there was one after all that grizzling) was that I burned 545 calories during that session. WOOHOO I'M HAPPY WITH THAT!!!!

In fact right now I'm pretty happy with everything. I feel good physically. I feel great mentally and I feel so in the zone that its actually a bit scary. Scary because I dont want to come crashing out of it (like I have heaps of times before).

Today I trawled around my local Westfield determined to shop up at the sales (without having to darg my BS around with me). I scoured every fashion and shoe shop and tried on at least 10 things and bought ...... NOTHING ...... ZIP ..... ZILCH. :-( I must admit I find that Westfield totally uninspiring and I was disappointed in the venture.

Although we are childless we are having a quiet night in tonight. We have freebie movie passes but the films we want to see arent on the free list (yet) so we'll wait a bit. That also means the Thai dinner out is on the shelf for now and it'll be 100% clean eating day with no alcohol yet again. I'm liking this new system!! In fact WH has just finished his second cardio session for today in an effort to win our family's Biggest Loser - Fiji Challenge. Go WH!!!

Hope everyone's weekend is as good as mine.



Anonymous said...

Goodness 500+ cals burnt in a session good going!!!

Dont you hate it when you go to the shops wanting to buy something and cant find anything and then of course when you cant afford it theres a million things you want


Cherie said...

hiya magda, long time no speak, firstly let me say a huge congratulations for your placings at the looked absolutely magnificent!! i would really love to catch up with you sometime. i've been non-existent for quite some time as i have just had my 2nd little bubs (10 weeks old now) - i would love to get fit again, with a goal of competing again this year. would love to hear all about your experience. email me at look forward to catching up. take care cherie xx

Raechelle said...

Great session-even though it was gruelling -you must have felt awesome afterwards-and I'm sure that fly protein helped LOL!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Kek said...

Liz must get asked that a lot: are you trying to KILL ME? :o)

I dread the thought of cardio, hate it when I'm in the middle of it, but boy it feels great once you've finished a kick-butt session, doesn't it?

RaeC said...
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RaeC said...

Had to delete the last comment... it didn't make sense as I was typing it with one hand while I had an apple in the other... LOL!!

What I meant to say was...

Awesome stuff!! The only way to progress is to push beyond your comfort zone and it sounds like Liz's program certainly has you doing that. And you can see by her clients' results that this kind of training most certainly works!! Keep up the awesome training Magda xxx

Antigone said...

That is one hell of a workout!
I hope your next shopping trip finds you some fashionable bargins :)
Have a great weekend hun :)

Michelle said...

Hi Magda,

I'm getting trained by Liz as well. I had a laugh when I saw you did the Footy Field Workout. I love it even though I feel like I'm dying at the time! It even wears out my border collie.