Wednesday, January 16, 2008


From tomorrow I'm on holidays until after the Aussie Day long weekend. No wonder I felt good today and had my eating 100% under control (Sadly this wasnt the case yesterday but thats history now). Even when a mildly stressful situation presented itself at work, I didnt run to find some junk to eat and I just got on with what had to be done and then rewarded myself with my yummy lunch (brown rice, my special stir fried veges + tandoori chicken).

Tonight's dinner was the same as yesterday's as its always convenient to make 2 batches of that pasta dish with flavoured tuna and veges. Its definitely one of my favourites too so I always look forward to having it. Listen to me ... all I've blogged about is food LOL!!

So training today was ok. Not a favourite session by any means but I did it through gritted teeth and recollections of recent posts by Liz and Kek (and others). Yes sometimes you just have to shut up and get on with it. No point whinging or wailing about what life dishes out. We all have choices and our choices have consquences -good and bad. I'll take a few more of the good thanks so I choose to train whether its a good day or not.

For various reasons I dont always choose to eat clean but I'm working on this and have already got the year off to a better start than previously. Now the trick is to keep the ball rolling along this positive path. My routine will be out the door now and there'll be temptatons galore, I'm sure, so I hope that things dont fall apart for me.

Tomorrow is training, grocery shopping, cooking dinner and play time with BS. Let the fun begin.

Cheers all



Cat said...

YAY for holidays. Hope you have a wonderful time off with your family

Alicia said...

Eating clean after your first comp is always hard - trust me! It does get easier with time though. Don't be too hard on yourself - you're only human! Have an awesome holiday :) xo

little rene said...

Have a great holiday and enjoy the time with your son :)

I had just written you a massive comment and the f@#*ed up Internet surged. I will try again later :)