Thursday, January 03, 2008


Since the ILs have been here we have had many social eating occasions and from Boxing Day onwards I’ve been consciously eating healthier. On each occasion I pay attention to how I feel and what and how much I eat so as to maintain this new lifestyle.

We ate out at one of Adelaide’s premier seafood restaurants last night and a part of me was feeling like “oh no not another meal out where I’ll struggle to stay on track”. But then I (quietly) told myself off and looked at all the positives like having a wonderful family that enjoys socialising together, getting to eat yummy food prepared (and paid for) by somebody else and yet another occasion to practice making good choices. And I certainly did last night and left the evening feeling empowered and really good about myself. Score a BIG one for me on that.

So today it’s a final lunch out with the ILs and then tonight we say goodbye to them and our BS who is spending 10 days on the Sunny Coast with them. WH and I will be childless all that time and it’ll be very weird. Next weekend I’m a bacheloress as WH travels up to bring BS home. WOOHOO - training whenever I want, eating clean food and staying away from the alcohol – even though I’ve arranged a night out with the girls.

This morning was like Christmas again as I received my first training program from Liz. Its refreshing to see how different her approach is and I’m excited about doing things a bit differently. So I have tomorrow’s training schedule all spelled out and I just have to give it my all. I like that, as left to my own devices I haven’t always done the most effective things training wise.

Speaking of which, yesterday and today had almost identical mornings in terms of being quite fresh and moderately windy (a welcome change after the extreme heat we’ve enjoyed here in Adelaide recently). So my training sessions were almost identical too. Nothing earth-shattering just jogging at a steady state for 40 minutes yesterday and almost 45 minutes today. The variety Liz has programmed for the next 2 weeks will be a welcome change.

Anyways WH has just popped over to say we are heading out to lunch in 5 so I’m going to say goodbye for now.

Cheers all



Cat said...

Well done on survivng all the eating out. You give me hope that next week when we are away on holiday that i will still be able to make healthy choices and not give in and eat the entire contents of the dessert section on the buffet.

New training programs are so exciting. Good luck with yours.

Enjoy your lunch out


Kek said...

I love getting a new program every week! ariety is definitely keeping me sane.... :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, good work with your eating out! Cheers, Charlotte