Sunday, January 06, 2008


I'm a bit embarassed to say that I'm quite enjoying being childless ... for now anyway. The house is quiet which is unusual but I'm liking it. My time is mine and I'm not feeling guilty that I should be doing more with my son. BTW he's having a great time with his grandparents so its a relief to know that all is good for him.

So today mum and dad took me to the Torrens Island Market to shop for fruit and veg. I've never been there before ... not sure if I'll go again. Then I did some domestic chores (which never seem to come to an end) and then kicked back and read my latest copy of Oxygen ... which has been sitting on my bedside table for several weeks.

I have a prescribed day off training today which is very unusual as last year the only days I didnt train were holidays away, when I was (rarely) injured or when I was completely exhausted. The norm was to train 7 days a week. So I'm mosying around feeling mildly guilty and uneasy, feeling like I should be training. But I did as prescribed and took the rest day. I have some abdominal DOMS from yesterday but its not serious. Although having said that now, I wouldnt be surprised if Liz upped the ante just to really fix me!! LOL

Now I'm not the sort of person who can sit around for long periods of time when I'm at home so I ventured into my kitchen to dabble in the Domestic Goddess world. I have made some salt-free stock from chicken bones and vegetables. I use this to "stir fry" my veges in instead of oils. The stock makes a great base for anything you might like to add like Tamari, ginger, chilli, lemongrass etc. The list of possibilities is endless. Its also nice to add a (controlled) amount of a good quality oil to the finished dish with lean protein, some brown rice and VOILA!! a clean meal :-)

Tonight's dinner is Gemfish Fillets with Anchovy and Caper Paste.

Here is the recipe I'm using for 2 serves:

50g sundried tomatoes (Freezedried pack with no added oil) reconstituted in a little boiling water and drained
20ml (1T) olive oil
1 shallot
2t capers
2 anchovy fillets drained
a handful of continental (flat leaf) parsley
1/2t lemon juice

Process in a food processor and serve with the grilled fish. Its that easy and very tasty (if you like tangy salty foods)

I'm also making a salad of roasted pumpkin (no oil just sprayed lightly with cooking spray), spinach leaves, more fat free sundried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and reduced fat feta. No dressing (it doesnt need any) just mix it up well and VOILA!! This is a delicious salad that WH just loves when he gets a bit sick of the (old faithful) tossed salad.

So after posting all that maybe my Sunday's not so lazy after all :-) But I like it like this.

How's your Sunday going??



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect peaceful relaxing day. I love the sound of what your having for dinner tonight, very yummy.

Enjoy the remainder of your day of rest.


Raechelle said...

Your dinner sounds lovely!
Scheduled days off are a total love/hate thing for me (which was today for me too)...I know it's necessary to rest the bod in order to make progress-but as the day progresses without a weight or cardio session-I just feel like jello! Can't wait to get back in the gym tomorrow!