Monday, January 07, 2008


As expected, last night’s dinner was delicious and even my WH complimented me on it saying it was very tasty and enjoyable. I know that he’s often disappointed in what he eats when he’s trying to lose weight so this was a big compliment indeed. Plus its so much better when we’re on the same wave length. I’ve even got him using Calking which he loves.

So another working week has kicked off with my usual 5am start. This morning it was run/walk combo followed by lower body conditioning. It was another good session and again, all my training is done for the day. I am a bit tired though and have been yawning heaps. Nothing that some earlier nights wont fix though. My body-clock is a bit out of whack after being on holidays and sleeping in later and going to bed later too.

So what does this week hold for me?

1. Work. Say no more.

2. WH flies to Brissie on Wednesday afternoon and I am “free” for the next 4 days. I’ve checked out my gym’s group fitness timetables and have marked a few classes I’d like to do. What a luxury!! Going to the gym after work or whenever I feel like it on the weekend.

3. I’ve tentatively arranged a night out with the girls on Saturday. That’s as far as those plans have gotten. Whatever we do I know it’ll be a dry night for me coz I’m enjoying not drinking now.

4. Then on Sunday the Adelaide Figure Girls are meeting for brunch and I’m REALLY looking forward to that. Its my chance to talk all things competing, training, bodybuilding etc with like-minded people and I love it.

5. On Sunday night my WH comes home with our BS. That’ll be nice and I’m hanging out for the biggest squishiest hug in the world.

6. I guess I’ll have some opportunities to catch up with some of my other girlfriends but I’ve made no firm plans as yet.

Well things are going good for me and I’m feeling much better than I did through December when my diet was poor and my training was inconsistent. Liz has me on higher calories, higher carbs and my body is liking it. Its early days to see what the scales and tape measure are doing but I remind myself daily that I don’t look bad. Yes I’ve looked better and I will look better again but I have a fair bit of recovery to do before I get there. At least I’m enjoying that journey now.

Cheers all



Raechelle said...

Sounds like a fun week -except for work LOL!
Enjoy it!
Oh- What is "calking"?

LizN said...

You're going to need every ounce of food for those sexy muscles you'll be building; )

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic fun week ahead, well except for work but needs must.

Its great news that hubby is enjoying his new healthy food, it may make him more likely to continue after the holiday. Im a big cal king fan at the mo as well, i love knowing exactly where im getting my cals and how much protein i've had each day.

Enjoy ur week


Spartze said...

Hey you - shoot me an email so I can give you access to my blog -

Catch up soon
Katie aka sparty

Ali said...

YUMM!! that dinner does sound scrumptious, ;)

Sounds like your going to have a great week.

Looking forward to following your journey

Ali xxx