Friday, January 11, 2008


1. There will always be good and bad days.
Bad days aren’t fixed with poor food choices and destructive behaviours so you might as well do your best to look after yourself with good food.

2. One negative experience shouldn’t ruin your day. But if it (somehow) has then go back to Point #1.

3. If you run out of salad leaves (spinach / lettuce etc), flat leaf (Continental) parsley chopped roughly makes a great substitute. I’ve been eating it by the handfuls this week and its yummy.

4. There is a way to include fruit toast into an off-season eating plan and stay within calorie and macro-nutrient guidelines. This was a great discovery for fruit-toast-loving me.

5. When arguing with yourself about whether to train or not to train just shut up and do it. Put that energy into the training and not the arguing.

6. Be prepared to challenge your own thinking and beliefs if you want to make significant, long lasting changes. As the famous old saying goes “Do what you always did and get what you always got”. Say good-bye to that comfort zone. Be prepared for a bit of pain. It’ll be worth it in the end.

And on that rather deep and profound note I’ll sign off on this topic.

Cheers all


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Kek said...

I'm with you on the fruit toast! I make sure I buy a really yummy gourmet-style one. Date and apricot sourdough is my current favourite. :p

Topped with ricotta and berries, it's divine!