Saturday, January 26, 2008


Well it was a fun evening and I enjoyed the food (more about that later). Yes Burns Night is a celebration of the life of Robert Burns a famous Scottish poet who lived in the 1700s. SIL went to great lengths to source the haggis and the other ingredients to make it as authentic as possible.

We all had some haggis which was just fine. If anything it was a bit bland but certainly not offensive. We also had a little black pudding which I found to be very tasty (its was salty - yummo) and mashed potatoes, creamed turnips (which were orange so I was confused about those) and steamed brocolli and carrots. At least I had a good vege intake LOL!! I inudulged in a couple of wines too and after the main meal BIL brought out the scotch whiskeys and he and WH had a "mini whiskey session". Even I had a small taste of a couple served neat and then with a drop of water. Hmmm I'm not a fan of scotch whiskey but it was interesting trying it. For dessert we had some shortbread and Scottish fudge.

Now for all of you cringing at this type of food (LOL!!) I can only say that it truly doesnt phase me. With a name like Magda I'm obviously from a European background and my age also suggests I grew up in an era quite different to today.

Vegetarians please feel free to tune out now!!

Coming from a poorer country where neither money nor food were abundant my parents are quite adept at being able to use EVERY part of an animal. From pure meat cuts to the offal and more they are skilled at making a tasty meal from it and this is how I grew up. I was never forced to eat anyhting I didnt like and I subsequently grew up liking most food. So when there is an unusual food like haggis or black pudding on offer I dont cringe. At the end of the meal I said to WH that I really enjoyed it and he jokingly replied "Ah yes you love your peasant food" which is not an insult because I actually do. Each to their own I guess.

This morning I woke up feeling fine (albeit it a little tired) but WH said his stomach felt rotten. Shaking head in dismay again .... I tell you I have the strongest constitution and he is a total woosy. Who would believe that my post comp meal was a big serve of creamy pasta, garlic bread and a slice of Mars Bar cheesecake and I felt GREAT when I finished eating it. Everyone said "how could you eat that after dieting strictly etc?" I shrug my shoulders and know that it felt like just what I needed.

Cheers all



Hilary said...

I dont know about the hagis, but I have tried black pudding and found it to be a LOT nicer than I though it would be. I think we have pre-conceived opinions about how something will taste, consequently I often wont eat something because I dont THINK I'll like it!!

Sounds like you had a fun night! I love scotch whiskey - yum!!

Antigone said...

Hagis oh my nope you wouldn't get me eating that!
Black pudding hmmm no never!
I am so glad you woke up fine gish if that wass me I would be looking at the inside of my toilet bowl all night LOL
Hope your enjoying your weekend :)

Ali said...

Glad to hear you had such a great night.

Funny I have a hell of a lot of Scottish blood, however I've never had haggis, must say though I loved Black Pudding as a kid :)

Have a great weekend Magda

Ali xxx.