Friday, January 18, 2008


Yes I'm really enjoying my food lately and it helps to have WH also wanting to eat clean and healthy. We even had our 2nd dry Friday night which is a rarity for him as he really loves a beer after work (towards the end of the week) and wine with a nice dinner. I actually felt a bit sad for him as I could see how badly he wanted to indulge but he was determined to not drink as he's trying to lose weight.

Dinner was delicious again. I bought a whole baramundi and stuffed it with sliced garlic and lime and a stuffing made from onion, mushrooms, red capsicum, a tin of Greenseas tuna with tomato and capsicum, a little finely chopped anvhovy and an egg white. WH baked it on the BBQ and we had it with a salad of (dry) roasted pumpkin, spinach leaves, fat free semi dried tomatoes, pine nuts and reduced fat feta. Lots of veges in all that, and a decent serve of protein with some good fats too. Plus the pumpkin and semi dried tomatoes are good carb sources so its a well rounded and clean meal. WH loved it too so this whole "dieting thing" (as he sees it) isnt too bad.

Liz has reminded me to keep my calorie intake up so its food glorious food right now and I've got to get it into me to build those sexy muscles :-)

Training today was bloody hard work as my lower body DOMS was (typically) worse today being the 2nd day. OMG everything was hurting like crazy and it took all my determination to keep running for the 25 prescribed minutes, even though I wasnt breaking any land speed records. I just kept telling myself that pain was no excuse and if I couldnt handle this then how was I expecting to improve my physique for this year's comps. Its amazing what you can achieve physically if your mental attitude is right.

And on that note I'm about to be kicked off the computer so I'll say good night and be back tomorrow.

Cheers all



Pip said...

Yummy sounding Magda!

The beef/pesto/vegie and pasta salad looks awesome too!

Great work, love keeping up with your posts!


Anonymous said...

I want to move to your house, you always have such yummy food!!!

Well done on getting through the workout despite bad DOMs, its all too easy to give up when it hurts. Im trying to convince myself that pain is my friend not an enemy.

Have a wonderful weekend

Ali said...

All the food recipes you've posted lately sound great Magda! I'm off to the shops soon, will get some basil and try out the pesto you mention. YUMMY ;)

Must be a bonus now that your hubby is eating along with you and not drinking, have a great weekend!!

Ali xxx

Kimmy said...

Great recipe - yummy food - I seem to eat boring food but hey I enjoy it.
Will try out some of your recipes I think
Live with Passion