Friday, January 04, 2008


I’ve just come to the end of my first week (well 9 days actually) of training with Liz and living my new healthy and clean eating lifestyle. Here’s how I went:

1. I lost 2.2 kgs but most of this was just post Christmas bloat – but still better gone than sitting somewhere on my body.

2. In the 9 days I ate out 6 times and had 1 celebration at home. This makes point 1 even more amazing!! Whilst I didn’t remain within my calorie or macronutrient allowance on many days, I did eat with awareness so as to never be “stuffed”. I usually made the best choices possible and had only 1 alcoholic drink on New Years Eve. An amazing achievement for me.

3. I trained on most days albeit it not creatively. That’s changed now as Liz has prescribed both my cardio and conditioning work, leaving nothing to chance.

4. But all the physical stuff aside, the best thing has been that I’ve stayed positive, focussed and have been feeling really good about myself. You cant put a price on that – its FANTASTIC.

Last night I found myself quite excited about going to bed so that when I woke up I’d have my new program to do this morning. It was really good. The cardio was challenging (cause I made sure I worked hard) and enjoyable and I can see the benefits of my lower body workout. I have total control over my food today (except I have a little leftover meat from NYE to finish) so my eats are getting even cleaner. And WH has declared that he will not drink tonight so YIPPEE I will happily have a dry night as well. Things are certainly looking up!!

We said good-bye to our BS last night and he’s now staying with his nana and grandad on the Sunny Coast – lucky little bugger. This morning as we’re leaving for work my WH says:
“I feel like I’ve forgotten something”
“Have you got your phone?”

“Yep and my wallet and work ID”
“Well that’s all you really need.”

5 seconds later it dawns on me. “We’re missing the kid”. WH laughs and says “Yep that’s what it is”. We drive to work without having to play I spy all the way.

Have a great weekend all.




Raechelle said...

What a great first week into the new year! Congrads on that!

Antigone said...

Hi Magda,
Hope you don't mind me dropping in, but i found you through Raechelle's blog and thought i would pop in for a read :)
I have really enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to read some more, sounds like Liz is doing a good job she is a huge inspiration for me i cannot wait to see your progress with her :)
Have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful first week, well done.


Kek said...

Great week, Magda!

We've been minus our youngest son for a week now and we're ju-u-ust starting to miss him. The noise level has been lower and the general peace and harmony level WAY higher.

Charlotte Orr said...

Awesome work Magda, well done!