Monday, January 14, 2008


Phew where did that weekend go??!!

My lack of blogging is proof of a super busy weekend where I was hardly home. It was also a weekend of various emotions with the funeral of my BIL's stepdad and on a happier note being able to catch up with friends I dont see often.

Unfortunately there was also a bit of a holiday from clean healthy eating which certainly wasnt planned but my goodness I slipped into that mode way too easily. There's a bit of extra tummy podge this morning but a few days back on track should see the back of that.

My WH and BS came home last night and it was just the BEST feeling getting my big squishy hug from my boy. That was followed immediately by "I need to go to the toilet" which made us all laugh. I loved having the time on my own and the social whirl that went with it but there is NOTHING better than having your loved ones close by. I thank God I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful family, both immediate and extended. My ILs did a superb job of entertaining my BS and he's come home tanned, a better swimmer and eating foods he previously outrightly refused. You gotta love that :-)

I have the day off today so I indulged in a lay in and then got stuck into my training a lot later than usual. BS was dying to get over to the other Grandmother hence I could train after dropping him off. Tomorrow its back to work for 2 days (meetings that Imust attend) and then I'm on holidays til after the long weekend. WOOHOO!!!

I'll try to get some piccies up in my blog soon. Its been ages since I've posted any. And yes Raechelle I'll provide proof of the white pants (but I cant prove that I didnt indulge in GJs LOL) :-)

Have a great week everybody and I'll blog again soon.



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Raechelle said...

Well, I suppose if the pants fit well-then we'll know you didn't indulge-LOL!