Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I was a bit undecided about what to wear today but wanted something nice and colourful as I was in various shades of grey and black yesterday. I have a really nice DKNY red skirt that is quite straight fitting. It was sitting on the shelf in my WIR with the other clothes which were too big for me as I got closer to competing. Its not a tiny skirt – probably a size 10 (I’m not sure as I bought it in Singapore some years ago).

I went to put it on and it wasn’t slipping on easily. I went to do the zip up dreading the inevitable “its too tight feeling” and yep there it was that “too tight” feeling. In fact I looked like an overstuffed sausage in it and quickly took it off and put on a skirt made from stretchy fabric with a drawstring waist.

So all day I have been battling my negative thoughts about my weight and the way its just settled around my middle and doesn’t seem to be moving. I know its early days and yes I am the epitome of impatience but I feel like there’s nothing happening and this is depressing. Maybe my body can only lose fat on less calories or maybe less carbs or gruelling cardio every day? I’m not sure but I’d love to feel like a bit of the midsection podge was going.

I guess I’m so used to dieting more strictly and therefore getting visible results quicker that this new way of eating for fat loss is quite foreign to me. I also know that its feelings like these that lead me into my danger zones where overeating becomes a real risk. I know from previous experience that 99% of my overeating episodes have stemmed from emotional reasons and not hunger. I think this warrants a discussion with Liz.

Finally before I sign off I just want to clarify that I’m not pining for the body I had at competition time. I fully understand that its not possible or healthy or practical to maintain such a low level of body fat. I would however like to shed 2-4 kgs especially around the middle where I’m feeling like a mini teletubby.

Cheers all



Raechelle said...

Yes, definitely talk to Liz straight away!
As you already stated-you are impatient (aren't we all when it comes to losing weight?), But -in order to keep it off-as you already know-it needs to come off slowly. Did you measure your waist before starting the new program? If you didn't-you should do so straight away-because I'm sure you'll see a bit of difference-it may not be enough to fit into the skirt yet-but it will show that what you are doing is working.
And thanks for stopping by my blog-it's nice to know that it's normal and I'm not a pshycho-lol! Good luck!

RaeC said...

It will come off Magda, but probably a bit slower. But it will fuel some great workouts and we all know it takes a few weeks for your body to come out of shock and start responding to a new training and diet regime. It's like my Coach says... fat loss is like a siphon... it takes a bit for it to start coming off, but once it does it does!! Although you want quicker results, you need to remember that you are trying to change your lifestyle, not just compete. The problem with really strict diets is that they lead to bingeing. If the amount of food on the diet satiates you and it gives you energy, then you are less inclined to feel deprived and tired which are both major danger zones when it comes to dieting.

Have patience my little grasshopper and trust Liz... she knows what she is doing!!

Love Rae xxx

Kristy said...

I'm at that exact same spot Magda. Trying on clothes and finding them too tight and wanting to get on a stupid strict diet, but each time I remind myself that I want to have a lifestyle where I'm not constantly on or off a diet and so I know that it will be slow for me, but the weight will come off.

With Liz's help you will do great Magda

Antigone said...

I think tellie tubbies are cute :)
But putting funny aside, I know how you feel! after two babies and very bad eating habits my weight ballooned and even though i have lost over 50kg there is still heaps of fat around my tummy and i am very aware of it and hate it!
But i now say to myself that i am working hard at losing it and in time my tummy will lose fat just like the rest of me is :)
I hope eyour feeling better and that your enjoying a nice sunny day :)