Tuesday, January 29, 2008


For most of my life I have suffered low energy levels. This might seem strange as I’m an ex-aerobics instructor, a figure competitor and a mother who also works full-time. All of these things require a significant amount of energy which I always manage to find from somewhere but its that spring-in-your-step, that spark-to-your-being which seems to elude me. Its vitality and I wish I had more of it.

I know that energy levels will wax and wane depending on so many things. I’m not surprised that when in the full swing of comp prep last year my energy levels were quite low and I literally dragged myself around on some days. I also expect to be tired after teaching 2 high intensity classes (or 3 as I was doing just a few years ago) or after a heavy lifting session. But I wonder if it has to be so.

I believe that having a clean and healthy diet is a key component of having good energy levels. In this area I’m doing ok but there is plenty of room for improvement by cutting out the junky indulgences that keep sneaking past my lips LOL :-) . Enough sleep is also very important as is being active through regular training. I’m also ok with these areas although sleep does suffer a bit with my regular early morning starts.

So what else contributes to vitality? Passion, a sense of fulfilment, tackling challenges, a positive outlook …. This list is probably just the beginning and I’d love to hear your opinion on this.

Over the next month I’ve decided that I will be more consistent with my clean and healthy diet. I have and will continue to train regularly but I’ll pay more attention to getting a bit more sleep. Areas of my life do drain me and I just cant fake passion when it absolutely doesn’t exist but where it does exist I can focus more on it to reach the highs I so crave. (BTW that’s not a reference to any illegal substances. I’m talking happiness and fulfilment here).

Then I’ll reassess how I feel and if that energy and vitality still isn’t hitting me in the face then I’m going to book in with a naturopath and see if anything is out of whack.

So my February goal is to find vitality and invite it in.
What are you aiming to do next month?



Raechelle said...

I know exactly what you mean...I always "find" the energy-but yes, where is the vitality? I eat pretty darn healthy, get 8 hours of sleep (though not un-interrupted)-don't even use an alarm just generally wake up same time every day-and have pretty good energy in the morning-feel pretty alive-but then it's just gone. It's been like this for years-even during my super healthy times (like right now-)if I have things that must be done-or I really like doing-I've got the energy-but the rest of the time I'm kind of dragging. Probably not helpful to you-but I'll be interested to see what your naturopath says.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see what a naturopath says. I too am in search of much needed energy and vitality, my problem is that i go to bed too late.

My goal for Feb is to face my new test results with courage and to try and get this eating clean business down pat.

Hope your first day back at work went well

Magda said...

Thanks Raechelle and Cat,

Yep I figure that I'll really clean up my act and if I'm still not feeling good then I'll be very interested to haer what the naturopath says.

I'm also a morning person Raecehlle and afternoons for me are torture. I've been in meetings where I have almost fallen asleep. Now I drink Diet Coke in them just to stay awake.

And I'm also guilty of going to bed a bit late Cat. It catches up with you thats for sure.


Antigone said...

I like that saying 'fake it till you make it' and I apply that to my daily life :)
Like you I have problmes with vitality and I think you have a really good point with training, clean eating and SLEEP I too am working to improve my consistancy in these area's.
I hope you are having a lovely vitality packed day :)

Magda said...

Hi Em,

hey I checked out your Em-Unleashed Blog and loved it. Great idea. Keep up your good work coz it sure sounds like this will be your year to shine.