Monday, January 28, 2008


Well after the horrible start to my day it all panned out ok in the end. Now before you all go thinking that my trainer is crazy LOL I must clarify that I made an honest mistake in reading what was required today. Funnily I even read it several times but misunderstood it and so the session should have been about 1/2 an hour long. Irrespective I still couldnt do it and that just will not do in future.

So I spent the day pottering in the kitchen making a banana cake which will go to work for one of our Friday morning teas. I made a healthy low fat and low carb lasagne yesterday which WH will have for dinner one night each week. I love having stuff frozen just ready to heat up, throw a salad next to and VOILA dinner is served. And this one will do no damage to his weight loss goals either.

We all went out for a game of mini golf in the afternoon and that was a lot of fun. WH took out the Tiger Woods honours but BS and I managed to beat him on some of the holes at least. We had a healthy BBQ for dinner and tomorrow's meals are pretty much organised. Now I just need to study my new training program so that I dont stuff it up (again) tomorrow morning.

I wish I was still off work tomorrow but alas our numbers didnt come up in lotto AGAIN so its back to the grind I go. At least its a short week with a shorter day on Wednesday as we take BS to school for his first day. He looks so good in his uniform that my heart just about bursts with pride :-)

Cheers all


PS I have been very slack in replying to comments so far but am now taking the time to do this. So if you leave a comment please look back as I will reply to you in the comments area.

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Kek said...

And here I was, thinking I was stoopid..... I did the same thing, went an hour on the tready when it should have been 35 minutes... I'm glad it's not just me who has trouble reading instructions!