Thursday, May 17, 2007


Finally I'm feeling better and more positive. I knew I would eventually as I'm normally a happy and positive person. I mean, why waste your life being miserable and unhappy?

Last night I did my gym leg session before my classes. At the start of the week I didnt think I'd manage this sesssion as it was going to be too close to the leg session I do at home but I was feeling good so I gave it a bash. I even chucked in 3 sets of GLEs (which I dont have to do on leg day). My step class was awesome. My energy levels were excellent. I left the gym feeling good. Lots of the members are commenting on my weight loss so I'm coming out about my comp goals and in doing so its making me even more determined to succeed!

After such a great cardio session last night I was looking forward to my morning cardio today. Here's what I did: A circuit of the following activities:
2 x 100m sprints/50m recovery jogs
2 x 50m sprints / 50m recovery jogs
15 x jump squats
20 x walking lunges
This circuit took me around 5 minutes and I repeated it 6 times. Yeeeeeouch!! But I did feel great when it was finished :-)

This weekend I must send Josh my updated weight stats to keep me accountable. My guess is I'm up a bit as I feel a bit thicker around the middle but I'll just have to accept this and keep working at working it off. Having said that I have the day off tomorrow but will need to stay strong and keep away from dirty food. Then in the evening I have a jewellery party at my best friend's house. She's already told me that the champagne will be flowing...but not down my throat. My plan is for a dry weekend.

Just one thing before I sign off. I'm keeping up with most of your blogs but I'm doing it quickly during my lunch breaks so I'm not leaving as many comments as I'd like. Sorry about this but as you all understand we juggle so much and this works best for me.

Cheers all


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