Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Today I'm fighting the munchies BIG TIME!! This morning I had a tiny amount of bread with my porridge and I must say I felt so much more satisfied and didnt get hungry as quick as I usually do. But I've been working on a tedious and frustrating task all morning and its driving me to want to comfort eat. Before I decided to compete in figure, I would have eaten 1/2 of Adelaide by now. The crap food intake would have been steady and constant the whole time I was doing what I didnt like. My how far I've come, even in light of all my slip-ups :-)

Today's cardio is my evening classes as I try to have 1 week day when I sleep in til 6. There is plenty of time yet to do the 5 days/week early cardio (which I have done sometimes) but sometimes getting enough sleep is a higher priority. I did a second cardio session last night to make up for missing Monday but it was only a ride on my exercise bike for 30 mins. Not earth shattering (like the morning sprints) but better than nothing I guess.

Kristy, I do my sprints near the corner of Balmain Drive and Vickers Vimy Parade in Northgate which is close to where I live. From one side of Vickers Vimy to the other (across the park in the middle) is about 100m according to my paces. Its not exact but its close. So I run from one side to the other or 1/2 way for the 50m. At 5.30am there is little/no traffic and now its colder there are very few other people out walking or running. Its just me, my running track, my IPod and my determination to get as lean as possible with nice toned legs. By 6am I'm done and dusted at home (or very close to). I also do my 5km run around my suburb or a shorter 3.7km route, both of which I've measured out in my car. If you live my way you're welcome to join me...if you dare :-)

So thats it for me today. Cheers all til next time.



Alicia said...

I'm hearing you about the munchies! I always get them when I'm stressed. I was hearing the call of that damn chip machine again tonight :(

Magda said...

Oh Alicia, the smallest thing could have tipped me over today, I was cold hungry and couldnt stop thinking about all the forbidden things I wanted to eat. But I survived the day!!

Cheers Magda