Friday, May 18, 2007


Especially when I'm having the day off :-)

Today I have attended to some errands, done the grocery shopping, done 2 loads of washing, cardio + GLEs in the morning and taken BS to a play cafe as a bit of a treat for him after being dragged around doing the less-than-exciting stuff. Its been a good day. BS and I had lunch out and I chose a lamb salad that had a tzatziki dressing. It would have been superb if they'd just used less dressing. But I left the stodgy bits and in doing so I had a healthy meal. At GJs earlier the cakes looked mouthwateringly delicious but I resisted them and just enjoyed my skimmer cappuccino. All is good so far today.

Talking with Josh last night I got a bit of a rap over the knuckles for cramming my weight training into 3 consecutive days. I was expecting that though. But on the brighter side he's giving me next week off weight training as I've done 12+ weeks now and could use the break both physically and mentally. I'll keep up my cardio though as without that I'd feel like a total sloth. I wont be having the week off from my diet though :-)

I weighed and measured this morning and my prediction was correct. I'm a bit thicker around the middle and my weight is up .6kg but I know this will drop more over the next few days as my body gets rid of the rubbish it had to endure (yes I have a very slow system which doesnt help when you're trying to monitor your weight losses). The weighing result didnt upset me at all as my legs have either stayed the same (on the left side) or gone done a little (on the right) so all is good there too :-)

Well I'm toddling off as there are a few more chores to do before WH gets home and I'm out for the evening. Looking forward to doing progress pics tomorrow.

Cheers all


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RaeC said...

Sounds like you are progressing well Magda. Unfortunately comp prep is a slow process, except for about the last month. I've never been a patient person, my favourite saying is "Patience??? What is this "patience" that you speak of???" LOL!!

You're on a roll hon... keep up the great work, especially with the resisting of temptation!! xxx