Thursday, May 24, 2007


This morning I made the decision to have a good day today. Cardio was great this morning with more circuit/sprint training which always leaves me fired up and raring for the day. At work I got stuck into that awful task that was ruining my day yesterday but it seemed to go smoothly today and I'm on the home stretch with it. Maybe my positive vibes were transferring to my computer lol! Because I've been so focussed on powering through this job, I havent been feeling overly hungry which is another bonus. Yes when its time to eat my stomach certainly tells me so but I dont feel as though I want to eat anything/everything just to feel better. (Knowing full well that it NEVER has that effect anyway!!)

As the week draws to an end I'm looking forwrad to getting back into my weight training. The rest has been great but there is heaps of work to be done and I just want to get stuck into it. Josh and I have worked out a new training schedule and I'm quietly confident that it'll work well. So on Saturday its leg day at home which is always a big session. My main focus needs to be on developing my lats though as I suspect I've been cheating on my back work and I swear I just have no lats :-( So hopefully I can make some positive inroads in the next 17 weeks.

Well thats it for me today. Life goes on. I ride the highs and the lows just one step at a time. I enjoy the times I feel good and when I'm not feeling good I tell myself that it'll pass....and it does.

Cheers all



stacytoby said...

Hi Magda, I would love to know your stats at the moment, height, weight, BF%, that sorta thing.....

stacytoby said...

Thanks for that info Magda! I have the tanita scales too, never sure how accurate they are! ;)

Kristy said...

Hi Magda

I've just checked out your training course and it is just around the corner from where my partner lives (he lives on redward av, Greenacres) so I'd love to come and have a trial training session with you one morning. Not sure if I could keep up with you as haven't done a lot of training, but would love to try. Let me know what you think


Nicc said...

HI Magda,
Attitude is such an important thing. If you work out how to wake up everyday with a positive one before I do let me know the secret!!! Nic

Hilary said...

I once knew a man who was ALWAYS cheerful and happy, and one day I asked him "Why are you always in such a good mood????". He said "Because I wake up every morning and decide that I'm going to have a good day and be happy". I thought it was the smartest thing I'd ever heard.

Glad to hear you had a great day, and have fun with your new weight training schedule!

Hilary xx