Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Haha!! Last night we've finished dinner and BS has been put to bed. WH says "I dont feel like training tonight". I think he was expecting me to talk him into it, to convince him to do it as he'd feel so much better afterwards. But instead I said "Ok I'll use the exercise room then" and ran off to get changed, leaving him reeling in disbelief.

I did another ride on the trusty exercise bike but my legs were really tired and didnt fire as well as they have for the other sessions recently. So I did 30 minutes which I was still quite happy with. I also watched a posing video given to me by Lorraine Paciullo last year when I was planning to compete in Brissie. I'm now going to start practicing the poses so I dont have hours of practice to squash in close to the comps.

This morning I did my gym session for back and legs. Alternating between the 2 muscle groups set for set made for a powerhouse workout which took 45 minutes. It was great. I love this gym session as its truly "me time". Tonight I have my classes and I hope I can fire up and deliver another 2 beauties. Nothing worse than a flat and tired instructor, pretending they're energized and full of life lol.

More and more of my clothes are starting to look and feel looser. The size 10 pants that I oroginally squeezed in to (they are a bit stretchy with good hold) are now loose. Not "falling down or hanging off me loose" but they no longer fit like a glove :-) I even have a pair of size 8 pants (once again must be generous sizing) that are now fitting. WH asked what I want for my birthday (its in July mind you) and I said "clothes that fit" with a laugh. Its all very exciting and motivating though.

Farewell for now all.



Di Broeren said...

Sounds like you really have developed an addiction! What a great addiction to have : ) Wait till you step on stage - then you'll REALLY be addicted!

Keep up the great work! You are doing fabulously.


bev said...

Isn't it a great feeling as your clothes get looser.
I thought it was funny what you said about your hubby not wanting to exercise and you didnt give it a second thought and ran off and did some yourself.

Good for you.Your on fire!!


stacytoby said...

Hey Magda,

Which adelaide comp are you competing in later in the year? Will have to keep my eye out for you! :)

Ali said...

Magda you sure are on fire, great to read, before you know it you will be more than ready for your comp!! :)