Friday, May 11, 2007


...have been different. On Thursday I got to enjoy one of the main perks of my job. Before I went to live in Brissie 2+ years ago I managed a redevelopment project which took several years from its inception to the final construction which took place after I'd left. When I came back to Adelaide and my project management job, I was given that project to "watch over" for another few months. Well on Thursday I got to go to the official opening of the redevelopment. I had a lovely drive out to the country (26okms from Adelaide) delivering the plaque and opening curtain and then basically enjoying the rest of the day. Life is truly good on days like that.

Today I have "relaxed" my diet and training to help WH celebrate his last day at the black hole before he starts his new job next week. Yes I have been out to lunch and had salt and pepper squid with a couple of bubblies/wines. Dinner was pizza and more wine (I hope Josh isnt reading this!!!) and with all that happening I havent been too concerned with whats happening in between. I'll pay the price I know but I also know that I can and WILL get back on track.

With the day spent travelling for several hours yesterday I missed my extra training session that I was going to sneek in last night. Plus this morning's cardio was a 40 min walk which is almost a waste of time now as my pulse just doesnt get up there but it was better than doing nothing. Tomorrow I must focus my energies into some seriously clean eating again and some decent training to undo some of today's damage.

Thanks to the ladies who left comments on my blog this week. Stacy, I will be competing in the NABBA/WFF on Sep 22nd and the WNBF on Sep 30th. I hope I see you at one of the shows at least. INBA is too late this year as I will be holidaying in Queensland in October straight after the WNBF show. In fact there is a 99% chance that I'll be on the sunny coast and I would love to meet Di if I had the chance. Bev my WH is a little surprised by my dedication to this training and prep. Over lunch today he told me how impressed he was with my efforts and how he had gotten so used to me being motivated for a week or 2 and then chucking it all in. Yes I've come a long way but there is still a long (and potentially difficult) road to travel so I dont want to be too smug yet. Ali, I'm plugging away at it but there's still a lot of body fat to work off before I look even reasonable for the stage.

Having said that I will consider posting my progress pics now that I'm looking better. Mind you the starting pics are dreadful so it'll take a lot of guts for me to put them up. I'll see how I'm feeling when I compare the 2 sets.

Well its very late now so I'm going to bid all a good night and hit the sack. Celebrations over (til Mothers Day) and back into comp prep mode tomorrow.

Cheers Magda


bev said...

I always seem to relate to everything you go thru.I too had a bad(eating) weekend but will get back on track,too.
I would love to see your before photos to see how far you have come.
Keep up the good work

Magda said...

Thanks Bev,

yes I hit a real slump this weekend. Old habits die hard and after a pretty good run I lapsed back into some bad old habits. Anyway the only thing to do is to to pick myself up and keep going. No point in crying over the spilt milk...or the croissants for breakfast, cheese and crackers, biscuits and dip, ice cream for desert....the list is endless.